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EXPERT Help needed from people who like to read.

mASF post by Legion5

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EXPERT Help needed from people who like to read.
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mASF post by "Legion5"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

I would like to say, please read and answer this post, as it is one of the most
directly important and relative posts relating to game, and I think it would
help a lot of people out. (Yes this is a repost from general)

Ok I'm gaming a non-standard girl.

Litelraly I've tried EVERYTHING on her, her only non-failing is you can re-try
like 500 times with her and it's no problem.

My normal game relies on Qualifying firstly, then well I don't know, but it's
pretty standard. Really it's self esteme trading, good girl/bad girl thens ome
funny jerk mixed in.

So anyway this girl I've been gaming/dating her for a year, and been with her 6
ish months out of that, and she STILL won't fall in love with me.

Okay, over that time of dating her, breaking up with her, leaving her for a
while, then now haning out again. I've figured out she's very non-standard.


Unlike most girls, ohh he kissed me he's my boyfriend! Which is something my
game relies on.

(atatchment so I can turn up the cocky funny which makes her laugh more, and I
enjoy doing intense jokes, at this point she calls me mean, but it's cool. Mean
is the opposit of nice, and shows you can get what you want, showing greed is
good too, never meantion being mean or not being greedy to a girl, it will
always back fire, because really they have positive connotations, it show you
are a taker which means you must be good to be able to take (I'm a giver but
I'm pretty greedy), and it shows you're worth it. (saying oh you're greedy!
that's a compliment, saying "oh how uncool, you're greedy, that's bad" is
saying you disapprove, completly different thing)

Anyway... this is what all game is bassed on, attatchment and amplyfying it.


She's even told me, the fact that she doesn't care so much, is what drives most
guys way.

Allright I've litelraly made her my "Wife" and my "Best friend", OFFICIALY,
(I'm not calling her my girlfriend, just no).

I've gotten interested in what she's interested blah blah blah.

Point is she won't get attatched, and the girl is GREEDY, she only does what's
in it for HERSELF.

If I wana fuck, she'll only do it if she's horny. She won't even do anything
sexual that SHE doesn't like, unless its "a fun experiment". All about fucking
her, I don't play into that though, I resist her greed at every point.

BUT she never asks for ANYTHING. EVER. No leverage, she wants nothing.

Anyway like I said she'll talk about other guys.

and what REALLY turns her on is if a guy is EVEN LESS (fuck is that even
possible?) interested than her.

It drives her off her rocker.

and I've tried it with other girls, I can't do it, it's just retarded, I'm
naturaly sexally aggressive, if I wana fuck I wana fuck.

and also when I bust on her, she NEVER takes it to heart. She either laughs and
doesn't care, or is like "take me home", and I'm like what the fuck I'm just

and she's like "whatever I don't feel like arguing with you, let's continue".

She's an expert at arguing, usualy I beat out women at it just by being a man
or whatever.

The one thing I've suceeded in doing is, letting her know she DOESN'T want to
get into an argument with me, because it will fucking hurt. I will make the
bitch cry. (eh not really)

and even that is shakey, she just knows it takes a lot of time.

She's ANNOYINGLY Independant, and annoyingly dominant, but doesn't want to be

She really does have alternatives and can ignore me... to some extent, it's not
like the loss of the titanic if we break up.


Ok my MAIN problem is I can't get ANY, I mean ANY leverage on the sweet girl,
I've even gamed her best friend (no dice, but we didn't get along (me and her
best friend), this was when we broke it off for a while so I just dropped it.

I've used MAJOR Jelousy on her, telling her about the actresses (no one famous,
just a job title), and models (again, no one famous, just friends), I've

No dice, No dice, No dice.

If I ignore her she asks to be taken home etc. because she's "bored".


This is just a complete trap. (more later)

Initialy she liked me because I was "bossy" this girl LIKES to be dominated,
but I had the new commer, I don't know you formality, you can't be a bitch
(okay this is a long name for it), leverage.

(as in because I'm new she has to give me leverage)

When that ran out, NOTHING. I can't do jack.

I mean litelraly I see this as a sort of challange of my skill.

Also she does things more while drunk, because she's a "Super Independant"
girl, she can't be a slut, but In private she knows she likes it. If you get
her drunk and reduce her inhibitions, she goes perverted etc. (girl perverted,
you know what I mean, like randomly touching guys dicks, "oh no! a penis!").

Thing Is i really like this girl's personality, I don't laugh in general, and
Comedy Central and her are the FEW people that can get a laugh out of me (her
not so much so more latley), and she's a driven girl and going places.

I REALLY don't want to break up with her, for the 9th time, because of her
behavior, and there is no way in hell I'm sucking up to her, (ok I'm selfish,
too fucking bad).

So what do you guys think I should do? Where do I get my leverage?
- Resident mASF asshole.

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