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building wall of attraction and persona,

mASF post by Pnutt

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building wall of attraction and persona,
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mASF post by "Pnutt"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, July 7, 2005

building wall of attraction and persona, then breaking letting them break it

this is my new found game. nothing really that new, but its a different way of
looking at it.

what ive been doing is building sort of a wall of attraction, where you are
funny, flirtatious, cocky, nonchalant, assholey, and really just making it seem
like shes just another girl youre going to seduce (as cliche and theoretical as
it sounds and has been in the community). and im open about that shit. i let it
be known that im a seductionist and i make girls fall in love with me, and that
people are my thing and im persuasive, manipulative, insidiuos, treacherous,
deceptive etc.

then, little by little, you break that wall down. you let them break the wall
down (by using the rapport techniques i mentioned in the post below) and let
them know that somethings special about them. its different. shes breaking the
wall down. youre starting to feel something.

i want to point out, that what all this does is make the interaction feel
special and that is NECESSARY with every interaction unless its a fools mate
really. guys with weaker game would have more of a chance if they stop trying
to play up to what they read on here about being this alpha cocky funny player
and made more of an effort to vibe and make the interaction feel special and
important. look at your parents guys, im sure not all of your parents are
together because your dad is alpha funny cocky good looking etc. its because
there was something special about the interaction.

anyways, i ramble, which is probably why no one replies to what i post, but
thats what ive been doing and im doing more solidly than ive ever done.

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