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Re: C&F and NEGs...whats the main difference? &otherQ

mASF post by TheDatingWizard

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Re: C&F and NEGs...whats the main difference? &otherQ
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mASF post by "TheDatingWizard"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/3/05 8:50:07 PM, Alessandro wrote:
>Iron_Rinn wrote:
>> You: whoa. nice shoes. what are
>you, like four feet tall without them?
>> Her: (giggling) you are such an
>> you: thanks, glad you like it.
>Nononono, don't stop there. Telling her
>"thanks, glad you like it" means
>you're just saying this to appeal to
>her. You want to remain congruent
>as a funny jerk, so keep stacking C&F:
Actually, the "glad you like it" IS congruent with being cocky and funny, ;),
(although to be honest, I think it's even MORE cocky and funny to ignore her
comment completely and proceed with MORE cocky funny stuff) because it's a
reply to being called an ASSHOLE. (and of course, even when she calls him
asshole, it's giggly so it's not like she is REALLY pissed, it's just that
she's kind of like "ohmygoshhejustsaidWHAT??" (because if she was TRULY TRULY
pissed, then he WOULD have to address it, and not make a cocky and funny
comment back. It's NOT the right thing to do when a girl is TRULY hurt by
something you said, to continue the c and f right there and then. Don't be a
wuss in response, but don't be a bastard either)

So it's IMPLIED that he KNOWS she doesn't like it, which is why when he calmly
says "glad you like it" he is showing INDIFFERENCE, which is cocky, but it's
also FUNNY to say calmly or with a wink, "I'm glad you LIKE it" in response to
being called an asshole.


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