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Funny thing I noticed....

mASF post by Legion5

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Funny thing I noticed....
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mASF post by "Legion5"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

"assertive as long as you're assertively kissing her ass"

I love this phrase...

I also think tests have a lot to do with it.

I think that a woman will like a man as long as he 99% kisses her ass. She
tests him to make sure he's a real man, and that the 1% is the actual him.

If u've ever heard the song "don't phuck with my heart" by the black eyed peas
this is kinda interesting.

The reason I bring it up is songs tell stories, and they are the stories of
very alpha people.

Anyway the lyrics go, "why do you have to be so insecure blah blah blah, i love
you" Essentialy the guy is kissing the girl's ass, but if you listen to the way
he's doing it, he says it in a way he doesn't care, and later in the song I
beleive it makes an allusion to Ignoring the girl.


So when the guy kisses her ass, then forgets to call her, the forgeting to call
her part is him being a real man, because he's concerned with HIMSELF, being
selfish, and taking care of what's important to him.


Also the other thing I think ass kissing serves is two fold. If your spending
80-100$ on a date with a girl every weekend.

Your NOT going to have enough money to be dating more than one woman at a time.

That helps allong the economics of a girl soo much.


Now here's the interesting part, I think this ass-kissing in a normal
relationship can be replaced directly with humor.

If your funny and you pass all her tests, you don't have to kiss her ass.

(not that that's a good thing anyway), but I think the ignoring factor is
what's important.

Ass kissing is what I call a FILLER element.

You can waste your valuable relationship time, with Any of the following:

Ass Kissing
Being a Man (telling her what to do pretty much, read abusing your power to
waste time)

and a few others that I'm compling the list with. The point is, that those,
PLUS the Ignoring factor is what works.

The one thing you cannot do is SEEK APPROVAL BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE IT.

So buying her crap is going to be your time waster,but you have to Ignore her
FIRST, push her away etc, and essentialy have her give you her approval first.

The reason I think most guys think that it's the ass kissing that works is
because women reward it the most (it's good for them).

I know this is a shaky theory but it has it's good points to it. The weak part
is the nessesary approval part, and how it ties into being funny, and the
seperation of funny (rally cocky funny) that gets you approval anyway and
ignoring. They BOTH get you approval, or do they?

My 2 cents.

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