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List of Tests

mASF post by Canes

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List of Tests
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mASF post by "Canes"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

Findesemana recommended someone formulating one, and since I'm bored and see a
perfect oppurtunity to KJ, here goes (notice many of these also double-function
as IOIs, and that the responses to most of the tests are basically the same):

Blatant Tests:

This can sometimes happen when there's a large disparity between the chick's
self-perceived value and the PUA's perceived value, though that's not limited
to just these blatant tests, which are just another sign out of many options
that reveal what the girl is thinking.

A chick will:

-Run around being obnoxious, saying things only for attention
-Say insulting things (you're an asshole, fag, jerk, etc.)
-Run huge disqualifiers like "you're too short for me, I only date tall guys"
-Make a negative SOI that wouldn't be made if she didn't care about you
-Act like she is upset with you when there is no logical reason to
-Act like she is upset with you when there IS logical reason to
-Order you around
-Ask you to do things for her
-Tell you that if you do something for her, it turns her on, and see how
quickly you do it
-Tells you about her standards
-Try to lock you down or tame you, make you her own
-Bring up meaningless logical stuff at moments of high sexual arousal
-Suddenly run away from you
-ACTIVELY pursue other men in your presence

Some good responses to blatant tests:

--Pure Cocky/Funny
--Takeaways and Freezeouts
--Purely ignoring her frame

Kino or Bait Tests:

Big-time validation shit, with a girl setting up hoops that you must
retreat/lay back from and keep your frame.

A chick will:

-Touch you
-Hug you upon seeing you
-Walk up to you and hit you
-Talk trash about her boyfriend
-Walk up to you and make out with you
-Hit you playfully
-Pretend to be overly interested
-All of the sudden, will warm up and come on to you
-"Bump" into you while walking
-Give you a massage
-Lean in to you
-Say she loves you
-Say you're really fun to hang around with
-Give you other compliments that make you susceptible to the 'thank you for
being nice to me' frame
-Talk about HER terrible situation and try to make you feel guilty
-Talk about herself

Some good responses to kino/bait tests:

--C/F misinterpretation
--Ignoring her frame

Subtle Tests:

These will involve some cleverness from the chick, throwing in conversational
tidbits and setting up more hoops.

The chick will:

-Bring up other women who she doesn't like
-Do the stereotypical "do you think she's hot?" stuff
-Ask an opinion of herself (warning!)
-Ask the stereotypical "are you a player?" stuff
-Try to engage you logically about something that doesn't really mean anything
-Have a sarcastic tone after everything you say, even though she's within your
frame of mind
-Leave things at your house/apartment for territorial reasons
-Say "yeah RIGHT" or give some other lameass bratty remark
-"Borrow" something from you and never return it
-Talk about her busy schedule
-Make subtle references to being the selector

Some good responses to subtle tests:

--Disqualifying Cocky/Funny "well, you WERE as pretty as that girl on
TV...until you asked THAT question"
--Continue on the emotional thread instead of the logical one

Qualifier Tests:

These are pretty self-explanatory--basically the same stuff we run.

A chick will:

-Tell you she only dates rich hot model guys
-Make references to you not being "something" enough for her even though the
situation is escalating
-Look YOU up and down
-Try and stare you down
-Ask you about your life/ go for rapport
-say you didn't do BLANK right

Good responses to qualifier tests:

--Not budging from who you really are / having no qualms
--Ignoring any of her qualifiers "oh that's cool, so anyway..."
--Bust on her worse than she is busting on her

Notice that there are two ways of telling if a woman wants you: she's overly
interested or she's overly obnoxious and disinterested. If she's truly
indifferent, it is not a shit test, and she really doesn't like you. If she
liked you, she'd actively try and guage if you're mating material.

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