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TO much cocky and funny? some advice please

mASF post by Canes

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TO much cocky and funny? some advice please
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mASF post by "Canes"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

I'm gonna re-post part of my Cocky/Funny post for you guys because I thought it
addressed some of the things you're talking about here.

-Raise your eyebrows like you're testing her, 'underlook' style,
while you talk. This usually communicates that she's just a part of
your reality, and you're having fun with her while she's there--the
C/F becomes a tool that overpowers her, she loses control, is
laughing, and doesn't know what to do. So she hits you. Attraction
goes up a notch, if it wasn't there in the first place.

-Don't look at her while you go on a tangent. This might betray
some "eye contact" crazies out there, but I've gotten the best
responses when I'm doing C/F and they're just along on my ride.
This further illustrates that they ARE along on your ride, takes
power from them because you're not gauging and testing their
reaction insecurely.

-Feel the "push" when you do it. Really say it like you don't care,
like you're just saying it to get your bratty little sister off you. I'm
sure part of this comes across in body language, but whenever I
get this "push her away" feeling, like cocky/funny is a shield that
protectst you from her, she always picks up on it and responds.

-Get her out of your head enough to realize the quirks about her.
Don't do this to a one-itis-one-itis is a serious disease for which
you need pimp medication and possibly surgery. No techniques
work. Ignore her completely.

-Be serious when you feel like being serious. It's important that it
comes across as her infringing on your personality, and you
punish her with a witty line. I think David DeAngelo's body
language is a very good example of it, personally.

-Don't go too heavy on it. Just when you pick up vibes on "this
needs to be made fun of." She'll probably start going for rapport if
she barely knows you, and you can tease her a little more, but
don't do it too much. Remove the "push her away" cocky/funny
shield once she shows she's worthy to pass.

I personally think cocky/funny sucks as an introductory technique to newbies.
They say to themselves "hey, this is getting guys laid, and it's different than
me being a obviously cocky/funny means BE AN INSECURE ARROGANT
PRICK." That's the route I took before I started to get it. Body language
"techniques" are ideal for beginners, I think. The faces to respond to tests,
to open with, how to face your body, how to walk, etc. It's boring but it's
what needs to be taught.

I plan on spending a week of approaching this summer where ALL I do is C/F
misinterpret them as wanting me, just to hone the skill. I'll be posting
results, of course.

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