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Field Report++: Day2: the becoming of BAD-ASS PUAs continues

mASF post by sreomon

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Field Report++: Day2: the becoming of BAD-ASS PUAs continues
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mASF post by "sreomon"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2005

Hello PUaahs,

I'm just going to lay everything out, and after your read it, and please
comment. I want my game to reflect that of a BAD-ASS guy. I have been
described by people as someone who likes to party/dance, funny, great energy
and outlook on life, ambitious, and unique perspective on just about
everything. From all the different PUAs out there, I think my style resembles,
mrnycsex4u, jlaix, style, Dmitiri, etc. Generally all the no bullshit, in your
face PUAs. I think my problem is the incongruency between my clubbish/dancer
bad-ass guy personality on day 1 and my day 2 game that may convey something
different. I feel when I was fucking 6 or 7s, my day 2 game was little wuzzy,
but worked because the women were attracted to me physically to begin with.
Now as I try to up the quality of chicks I fuck, I am more witty, have that no
bullshit attitude. Why? Because these chicks are savvy, if come off as some
punk, they will not respect you and stomp all over your ass. Plus, I think
being witty and having that no bullshit attitude really clicks in with who I

This is my current DAY 2 plan:

HB comes into the house as I get ready and we can go for a cup of coffee. I go
to the bathroom, she gets comfortable in the living room. I come back and give
her a quick tour, and when we get to my bedroom and I say, "hey have you seen
this video"...on my computer I have some parody videos, and she laughs and also
notices the pictures on my desk, and starts to go through them (mix of pics
from childhood, college parties, and photo shoot). I tell her im ready, lets

As we are leaving, I mention, "hey I hope your not a stalker, I have to be
careful, you know where I live now..." lols...we get to my car.

**convey: switch roles, cocky/funny, her chasing me***

I talk about how my good friend called me from LA, and he was telling me about
the beach party they went to last night. I hate him, that bastard, it was
raining here, and he's by the beach drinking coronas and then he calls me to
make me feel bad...I love LA, but I can't decide which is better NYC or LA?
What is your ideal vacation spot?

***convey: dhv, and get her talking and feeling emotional/vacations***

Then I go into, talking about how everytime I go to NYC with friends we always
seem to get in lots of trouble, and it keeps getting worst everytime. Last
time we were there my friend got arrested....fucking crazy on.

***convey: cool bad-ass spontanteuous guy that happens to land himself in
trouble sometimes***

I talk about what's better rural/wilderness or city life? I tell her I love
cities but the option to escape to the wilderness. I continue with my
adriondacks story of when I first went rockclimbing (almost died/rope snapped),
canoening (15 miles), and caving (crazy guy that appears out of nowhere, caving
alone!)all in one weekend, then if she is enjoy this, I go onto talking about
my backpacking trip in Europe.

***convey: willing to try new things, take risk and explore, an adventurer***

I tell her that TIME is the one thing you can't control, the ONE constant we
can never change, we must cherish it because we are all here for a certain
amount of time. The most valuable thing I can give anyone is the my TIME.
Then I tell her , what is the average lifetime of a human being in days?
(credit: mystery?) Stupid bitch says, 100,000 days. I politely correct her,
"no, its 28,000 days"....

***convey: ambition, time consicious, deep, maybe even a little intellectual***

I have to hear your story, how did you become to be who you are today? Give me
the 3 minute version? I LISTEN. I ask questions, and get her to spill

***convey: I'm a good listener, she can be comfortable around me and talk about

Then I go into my grounding story...

little kid: becoming a doctor, having files on my relatives (credit: mystery)
5th grade: my favorite teacher, and how I wanted to become a teacher when I was
middle school: going from the city school to suburbia life, working hard to get
grades up
high school: really shy
college: cracked out of my shell and loving life
graduated: early finished 5 year deg in 3 years
now: working, starting business
future: retire by 40-45, and enjoy time with family and friends

***convey: my past and how I evolved to the person I am today***

Then, I ask her, "do you believe in destiny?" yes or no...I go onto how I feel
about destiny, supersitition, life experiences with it so far, and
talk about my VULNERABILITY: my fear of failure

***convey: great meaning of life, my vulnerability***

That's why, my cube was kind of fucked up when I did it? she says, "what's my
cube"? me, "what?!? You have never been cubed?"

I go into the cube! $$$$

***convey: I teach her something she didn't know about herself***

I finish up, and say, "you hungry?" yes or no, it doesn't matter, "well, I
am...and im soo tired of eating out all the time, lets go on an adventure..."
ARRIVE at grocery store...playfight in the store and back to my place. She
cooks and I help. We eat, watch movie...cuddle, **kiss***....just hang
out...and I sent her on her way home.

DAY 3 will be more physical.....if not full monty then, by DAY 4 for sure, or
you get swift kick out the door (unless I actually like the girl then I keep
her around).


Thoughts?...things I should try, things I could do different, problem areas,
what am I conveying?, is it congruent with the personality I am trying to
convey. need feedback.


email: sre***[email protected]***.com[ ? ]
"Love the game, and play everyday."
Washington, DC

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