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Gaming attire.

mASF post by Agrisafi1

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Gaming attire.
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mASF post by "Agrisafi1"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

If you have the money to purchase a suit just for upscale PUs then I would find
a nice flat front, one button, solid medium grey/blue.

If you have the money but a suit is overkill (you hit college bars most often)
then I would suggest a softjacket... its like a blazer without shoulder pads.
You wear it with nicer jeans/shirts to provide a dressier feel to your outfit.
I have a nice black one that matches most any outfit, 100 dollars by pronto

As far as the $800+ suits comment... I have to disagree. If you shop around
for last seasons trends and more reasonable stores (I love mens wearhouse...
they carry labels like Jones NY, Pronto Oumo, and Ralph Lauren) you can find a
good deal on a suit... something nice for around 300. Tell the tailor what you
will be wearing it for, and he will fit it to you (as the current trend) for
around 50 dollars? Spend the rest of the money on a membership to the gym...
the benefits of being fit are immense. Firstly, you are healthier. You will
be able to sarge more often and with more energy. Second, you are more
confident... your material will flow easier. Third, women will enjoy your
body... your success rate will increase. Any serious PUA should be in peak
physical (As well as mental) condition.

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