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RE: Setting Goals...

mASF post by brainfreez

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RE: Setting Goals...
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mASF post by "brainfreez"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

1) You can throw yourself into situations that are uncomfortable for you, OR
you can simply MASTER the things you are already good at. For example, you ask
yourself how far you can go before feeling uncomfortable (this could be simply
running the opener or even just looking at the girl and considering
approaching) and simply do that. Each time you do this you are mastering your
skill, and eventually you will feel more comfortable going further.

This is a great way to start as you are not anchoring too much discomfort to
approaching and you make faster progress, becuase you learn best when you are
enjoying yourself. (Although I also use the latter a lot and so would
recomemend this)

2) Also, get in a high energy state before sarging, there is no point in
drudging through sets in a bad state, (although I seem to still make
improvements when I do do this) it is better to stop, deal with your state, and
if it is a regular challenge, learn ways to control your state (read Tony

3) Read Tony Robbins, (his book, Ultimate Power is highly reccommended, but
also see his tape courses) preferably before you even start trying to learn the
game! So many PUAs, gurus and masters use his materials and apply it to
learning this stuff.

4) Find other people who want your goal and are already good with women.
VITAL! again a lot of the masters have met others and learned from them and
with them. The rest have modeled other PUAs/Natural PUAs in some shape or

5) run 100 of an opener, then run 100 of a different opener. A nice way to
learn, you may not se the progress you make while you are learning, but when
you drop the standard opener and just approach with what you feel you will find
this has improved your game, this works so well because you are focussing your
energy on mastering a single opener rather than faffing about running a
different thing every time and not making tight distinctions.

Hope this helps, I would recomend going through the archives of several PUAs
with a notebook and noting all the common things they all did to learn the
game... like i did

good luck!


'Be prepared' - Cub Scout Motto

'Good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the
trees.' J. Willard Marriott
On 8/3/05 4:56:00 PM, slikplyr wrote:
>Okay, I've been on this site
>for a while, but I have
>finally realized how much I
>want to get this part of my
>life under control. I'm a bit
>anti-social, it's not that I
>want to be, it's just I have a
>bit of fear, that I might say
>something stupid at the
>Anyway I have really changed
>abit since I have been in
>college. I have can approach
>sets at the club, I have
>gotten about a month and a
>half of sarging experience,
>and i'm looking to better my
>I was wondering if anyone has
>advice for first time sarging,
>how many times I should try to
>sarge a week. Should I set
>goals like how many sets,
>#-close etc.
>Also when you go out sarging,
>do you take the time to watch
>other alpha's that are present
>to learn maybe a thing or two
>from them?
>also what are some things you
>do, to get prepared to sarge?
>music, talk to your self?
>I'm just trying to find out
>different ways to improve
>myself, so maybe I can find
>one that works for me the
>Thanks for advice in
>One must not find himself, but
>instead, become the person he
>wants to be...

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