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Need Your Opinion...

mASF post by Solo

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Need Your Opinion...
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mASF post by "Solo"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Very insightful reply PS.

On 7/26/05 2:30:00 PM, PlayerSupreme wrote:
>This is called a contract
>where I come from. A woman
>tries to get you to accept her
>rules. Her contract.

I see what you're sayin'.

>I do hope you have other women
>to fuck besides chasing or
>waiting for this one. If not
>make yourself busy and find
>some. Never rest your eggs
>into one shakey assed basket.

Yeah don't worry I'm not that dumb.

>I say no. Don't wait for her.
>Get busy chasing and dating
>other women. When she moves
>near you let her contact you
>first. Then you can consider
>putting her into your

Alright, I'll be aloof.

>I do appreciate her not
>wanting to cheat on her
>(boyfriend), but setting you
>up as her next chump...uhh no.
>You don't have to wait for any
>skanks pussy. Hell she went
>to YOUR house while she had a
>socalled boyfriend...she made
>out with you at YOUR house
>while she had this socalled
>What does this bespeak of her
>character? Fuck her and leave

True true. I didn't even think of her that way... she even said she couldn't
cheat on this guy because she was "sweet" and I totally bought into that. She
just seems so innocent... :-/

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