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How I get the # these days

mASF post by chicoguapo

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How I get the # these days
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mASF post by "chicoguapo"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, July 7, 2004

When I started on mASF, I began using the line from the layguide: "It would be
great if we could continue this interaction another time. How would we do
that, exactly?"

(or something like that.) The intended result of this being for HER to suggest
exchanging numbers, which was supposed to be more powerful psychologically than
ME asking for the number. Like she feels better about it because it was "her"
I found this to pretty much work better than, "Can I get your number?" or
"Maybe we could exchange numbers..." and other typical AFC tactics.

However, sometimes I get confused reactions from girls when using this method,
especially if they don't speak English that well. Other times they give the
wrong answer: "Well, maybe we'll run into each other another time. Like fate!"
Fuck that.

Lately I've been trying a much more direct approach and it is working very
"Let's exchange numbers!"
"Give me your number."
"You can give me your number and we'll continue this conversation later."
"Hey, I've gotta run now, but here's my cellphone. Put your number in and
we'll get in touch later."

These are all commands, which is more Alpha than the wishy-washy "How might we
get in touch again?" (and the like.) These commands cut to the chase, and
sound very confident and honest. It fits my personality better.
I've noticed a higher rate of success in getting numbers when using this
approach, even though I'm still getting WAY too many flakes from just phone
numbers. More and more I'm learning that the key to success is the insta-date
or setting up a future meet right then and there.


- chicoguapo

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