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It‘s like curing cancer

mASF post by Tokyopua

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It‘s like curing cancer
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mASF post by "Tokyopua"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/12/05 11:39:46 AM, finalD wrote:
>So what the fuck gives? Is it
>really the case that all this
>verbiage is
>literally helpful? Is there
>some kind of math by which it
>can be
>explained that a large number
>of readers, none of whom have
>ever seen
>"the layguidebefore, will
>require a large number of
>access-points that
>lead to something that leads
>to something that leads to
>(eventually) a
>helpful lay-guide-Not sure why this all concerns you, but as I read this it was a coincidence
that I just skimmed a book in the mall called "mathematics and sex". It seemed
there were a few points in there about statistics that might actually relate to
your question above. Its actually now on my amazon "to buy" list, so maybe in
a year or so when I have ordered it and actually read it, I will know the

It actually showed a graph of what the likely relationship between number of
women you have had sex with and the number of one night stands might be. It
was also funny because just by the numbers, the book would term me a "career


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