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An unusual case - advise please?

mASF post by J-Ho

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An unusual case - advise please?
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mASF post by "J-Ho"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2005

I am very glad to have come across this community, and information I have
gained from here, Maniac High’s guide and the free version of Tony’s lay guide
has already helped me to begin shedding my AFC status. There are however a
couple of problems that are preventing me from progressing, and I want to be
totally honest so that hopefully I will be able to find some good advise from
such a great pool of PUA knowledge.

I am in the last year of high school, and until about three years ago I was a
WBAFC. This was because I almost seem to have two personalities: totally
dominant (confident, on etc.) or totally submissive (off, ultra shy etc.), and
until then I allowed myself to be off the whole time, content to spend a lot of
the time just sitting there and saying nothing.

Since then I have allowed my dominant personality to take control more often,
and since finding this community about two months ago I have allowed my right
brain to control my actions more and more. When I am on I am like a bulldozer:
I am a great comedian (have performed at a comedy clubs) can dominate the
room, great singer and songwriter, poet, very sharp mind , very intelligent,
good at sports. I am also a fantastic liar (I once convinced eight classmates
that I was a bank robber, lol).

However despite these advantages, I am finding that my social status is very
low due to my past AFC status, and despite being well liked with a lot of
friends in school, and even having people crowd round me trying to talk to me,
I still know very few friends from in school out of school, and this low status
and lack of a social circle makes it incredibly difficult to successfully PU.

I might have problems because I intellectually intimidate people, or maybe they
think I am weird as I used to be such a nothing and now I seem to be good at
everything, but to be honest I don't know, that is just guessing.

So my 2 questions are this:

1. How can I PU despite my social status/ change my social status to allow
better PU?

2. How can I make sure that I remain on all of the time?

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