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my view of things, women, pu, and health

mASF post by mask-raider

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my view of things, women, pu, and health
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mASF post by "mask-raider"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2005

what follows is some of the idea of my game, and my outlook, if anyone cares.
for the record, this will go in my archive when i get one, haha jk. don't take
my word for anything. reality is invented by words. it is good to get this "out
of me". for that i am doing it selfishly. in reality, i believe there is no
such thing as a non-selfish act. k, i hope you like this post because it is
costing me a lot of money at the internet cafe.

i have a bit of "field experience". i have massive, i consider, workshop
experience, because i could. most of the big names, even some seminars but
which were more non seduction but nlp based. the two- seminar experience and
"field experience" are not the same.

but i have always been interested in women since puberty, and i have never been
an "excuser", even if that means i have never been "alpha" topp dogg, i have
ALWAYS i think it fair to say, have had my eyes on that and been aware of who
held that position.. whatever my community i am in, and disgusted by the fact
that it exists, yet at the same time, fascinated by it and compelled to it.

i have learned a lot from this community, and have much more to learn, if i can
manage to take it in without much more harm and mental confusion. i am
interested in the people that make it up, what kind of families they are from,
and communities, and that kind of thing. this site and mASF, unlike other
internet zones, tends to make people not so anonymous, unless people choose to
remain so. i mean, many people here we all know meet IRL.

my belief is that most of the the game can be summed up by shark, unpretty as
it this vision is, and the rest is just details and trimming. that is one way
to approach it that is healthy when you are stuck in a rut.

i will come out now and share to everyone reading this boring post, perhaps
making some friends and kicking around some ideas and rationalizations along
the way.

i have laid some number of women but i have observed more than laid. i have
been on the relative "inside" of their thinking and rationalizing processes and
such for a while, having friends, and so on. i strongly believe information is
power and the difference that makes the difference. that wars of the future are
wars over information control, and what in-forms us is what causes our

i think there is a difference between pu skills and women knowledge. one doesnt
need to know HOW things are working to make them work, which is the abilities
in the PU, thought it helps and can take you farther, knowing and studying the
theory behind it all. alternatively, if one knows the HOW and WHY of a woman's
mind, he might still be a PU flop, unable to meet. or he may be unable to pu,
per se, but can meet through conventional ways, like dating services, or
whatever. that is just as of a cure for loneliness or companionship as far as i
am concerned, as pure pu is, just as prostitutes are just as good as sexual
release if you dont mind spending the money, as doing a pu and closing is,
though i havent made much extensive use of either of these. i would rather
break down the walls of the matrix, then make my decisions.

we know woman are hard wired with frames to come out at you. sex for some
material advantage, provided some attractiveness. or patience. or really tight
game. i think russianseducer deserves a gold star for his two posts
i cant make sense of them all, but the general idea is right on the money,
about the hard wiring of women's minds and the use of their bodies towards men
as their chief "human capital". i think of woman as the yin (or yang is it) to
the man's yang. i believe women are a path to spirituality, to fun and
enjoyment, and that it is true, the law of increasing returns, the man with
women will attract more, the man with income gets the income faster and more of
it, the wealthy men with skillsets have more choice, and have more access to
the spiritual states and priveleges. i believe strongly in Vantage Points, and
i like having them. this is largely somehow related to my game with women and
myself in society.

Now, please dont think of me as any sort of expert, please. there are but few,
if any "experts". imho i think shark is the expert of society and human nature.
i think badboy, too. they all have their realities and truths. same as mystery
and the RSD crew. beware though of anyone selling anything. they have a
commercial interest in their ideas and as such, an unconscious tendency to
protect and believe them, when beliefs themselves are the death of

but here is what i am coming up with, as a model, good for both pu and
relationships, especially, perhaps, relationships

1. like 2. lust 3. love

like- friendship
affinity and companionship, compatability

not hard for any pua to make a girl fall in like with him. extreme afc this may
be sadly true. never in my life have i been average, or long frustrated, or a
non-smiling chump

lust- attractiveness
rapport is possible too, lust comfort and trust, credit to mystery for the
ideas of comfort and trust.

the reason most men (mm) are slow to use womens frames against them is imo
because they cant stand the thought of reality being so flimsy and malleable,
and it so easy to change..especially when they have a lot of long history and
resentment, dissapointment, and shortcoming, when reality has been so fickle
and hard to them, and sexual poverty consciousness and so forth, that it feels
hard and like a challenge to give up their old beliefs and behaviors. changing
the frames seems to be sooo simple a device, in their and in my opinions. yet
magically, always or nearly always when tested it seems to show positive
results. so stupid! frame reversal is an easy trigger for lust.

i usually have been combining the two, lust and like, out of habit,
conditioning, or just that is what i have wanted, when trying to "select and
game" women.

combining lust and like together SEEMS to make women open to sex slower. the
women seem to "cave" for me in phases. they sink deeper into ... me. for
example, it results in women, even those who were 27-28, 5 years older than me,
they submissively grab my shoulder and let me silently lead them. nothing is
said, nothing is presupposed. by them doing this they are surrendering,
acknowledging, submitting to what they consider stronger man they are willing
to copulate with. of course, it is not a complete surrender and they still to
various degrees reserve some space to backpeddle, should need arise. the need
never arises, though often i "run out of time" or have poor "middle game" and
"logistic work". nothing is presupposed, it is all assumed, body language,
charged. that is why i say the hardest thing to learn is to not try. to stop
trying. to give it up. what does it mean to combine lust and like? it means
simply not playing so much cocky and funny, it means not doing MM straight
through, from attraction phase to rapport phase onward, one way. maybe i will
again try this, but to me it means going back and forth between like and lust
and maybe dare i say feeling of love (is that what "connection" is???) to
create uncertainty and sponteneity, the feeling of romance and magic and up in
the air. envision a cirle. envision a semi-cirle. envision a quadrant. i am the
circle. that is my range of flexibility where others have a quadrant and are
limited in their behavior.

to be attractive you must be dominant, either friendly strength or hostile
strength, again be flexible, it doesnt matter. you have to adjust to times and
seasons. and sometimes perhaps, in a relationship, it is ok to admit you are
wrong, become submissive. you have fucked, i assume.

combining like with lust (and there are different lines, behaviors, frames,
signals that used with nuance, trigger each one in women). example, if you
pursue and signal your lust for her, it makes her emotions of lust turn into
emotions of like toward you. if you retreat back into just wanting to be
friends, bust on her to slow down, and control the frame that way, it makes her
lust for again and heats her up. combining lust and like with a balance makes
it harder to get physical fast enough, as her emotions and thoughts always
oscillate. it is so funny to watch this, the way it works. i was with a girl i
cared for, and doing karyoke. one second i have her in the state wanting to be
kissed and kissing her, and the next nanosecond it turns into like, to
avoidance. these emotions, and understandings (i call them understandings
because of the overal frame which is commuincated through all channels)
switches back and forth. even getting her to meet me, i never know if it will
flake, but i think i have been unlocking the real secret behind what causes
flaking if you just keep reading. do you believe that? Signs that like and lust
are close at hand, and the emotion of romance, uncertainty and emotional
longing, include when you call her and talk on the phone, you both start to
speak at the same time, you both tend to be thinking the same thoughts. i think
this may be the basis of most good marriages, but alas it is a tightrope, and
may cause duress in some circumstances. not that you cant have other women, as
you allow her to. indeed, no expectations and frames are set, or it wouldn't be
romance. that is why she is free to go and you can be left out with nothing to
show. knowing what alpha males are and do, playing this game of like and lust,
you run the risk of losing, not to know bigger man because you can show your
amoging, and there is none, you are the best. but still you run the risk of the
girl escaping your clutches. this game is based on the ability to control your
environment to a high degree and keep society at the distance.

in fact, the idea of lust, like and love, i think may be what you want to have
in mind when you are specifically looking for relationship, and want to set the
frame right at the beginning. i say and strongly believe, as one of my core
beliefs, every sarge is a unique sarge, every conquest an individual one. you
give different parts of yourself in different ways to each woman. i have to
fuck 1000s of women. i just do, in my life.

alas, i will never see this girl i had the karyoke romance with, as i am
leaving the country. i find romance to equal lust and like. romance is romance
because of uncertainty, because it can and does go any unpredictable way. that
is how i had a threesome. now that is at least the emotion that i have felt to
be romance. perhaps if the woman perceives uncertainty, but to the man it is
all routine, that will produce the feeling of romance in the woman. yes, i
think that is badboy's dating tactic. romance is based on the emotion of
uncertainty, and the idea that anything can happen! attraction and lust are
based on the ideas of leadership and, sad to say, frame reversal, which i hate,
which disgusts me right now, because i see the frames, i see the slightest
presupposition miles away. this is one reason why i dont like david deangelo,
why i side with the patterning, RJ approach, if any. i also dislike currently
routines, not because i know they don't work, but because i know they do work,
in the toolbox of those who know how to use them and take advantage of them.
maybe i will grow to like routines and find them convenient and simplifying,
and even frames. in a sense, anything can be considered routines. the simple
shark "i like you" can be a routine. i am not talking about these mere

i will talk more about my belief of flaking and what is its cause and why i
believe david d is its cause. i will back this up. i believe that what causes
flaking is nothing more, or very little more than the idea and doubt that she
may flake, that she is a girl who flakes, belief in the idea that it may
happen, in your consciousness. sure sure, its lack of rapport and only cocky
and funny, nothing else. but faith that she will show i find and bet, produces
the result she will. have faith that she will show. i bet you'll find this to
be true. david d for a long time, not his fault cause i take responsibility,
implanted a huge doubt, and even the concept, of flaking in my mind. i never
had much familiarity with that word before him and you guys.

combining attraction, general pleasance of being together, and maybe intimate
connection (which may be called mild Love) is the true essense of Game. it is
the deeper part of game of life and love, and i have always thought of death,
and the time we have on earth. death and sex are two interesting topics for me,
also freedom and slavery, leadership and influence. if you play the game and
your heart gets crushed or broken, come back and build a tougher, stronger
heart. do what thou will shall be the whole of the law, and study of law is
sublime, if the practice of law is not. law is made for the foolish to follow
and the wise to be guided by.

for a realtionship to work, you need a strong self first, and need a girl who
qualifies to your standards. i find a strong mind-body connection to be a great
indicator of total health for a good realtionship, provided she is beautiful
and has sexual skill, and doesnt think too much (i dont like to think either,
thought is the death of intelligence)

i believe it is fear of loss of love and sex you must conquer. i must conquer.
like frank sinatra says, my way, plot each course, go through life as a
non-excuser. that is why you all have fucked more people than me, but we don't
all have the same life history. i dont know what the score is and i dont care
to keep score, but when i hear of your stories i get motivated.

sometimes i have experimented with certain dominance games and acts, with
persistence beyond persistence, and stuff like that. very educational in what
really matters, hehe. i have pulled a spontaneous threesome, however, which
was very nice. it was for me a magic night. i have mastered this eye look, i
mastered it in brussels i think on a college trip. it is a heavy critical gaze
down at women, it is intense, and i think the lady felt a deep down rush of
weakness and desire to be submissive and get sexed in her. dont ask me how i
know this, it is intuition and may not be true, but i imagine it is, and that i
could do it again if desired.

i take the advice of what my friend says and hold it close to my heart and
mind, and bury the belief deep down. he said that essentially for me to relax
because "they want what you want". this guy is a nice guy, great singer, from
south africa, through apartheid, a black south african. he i guess is good,
really really good with what i have been calling Like, and with positive
energy. if these concepts of like love and lust sound lame, i am overusing
them. they are about a week old in my mind but they can be good for pu theory i
think. my friend also focuses on smelling nice, getting the best colognes, and
dressing nice, the best clothes, and just giving out positive energy to all
people, and flattering people when he can, but not being an excuser. that is
probably all he thinks about game. and he is a singer, and has a great voice.

often when i have gotten women, it has been preceded by them taking my arm and
walking with me, slightly behind, trustingly. when i give them these emotions,
if i stay with them, if they stay with me long enough and dont leave my side,
we find a way and place to have sex, if they dont bug me too much. if they have
to go or we part, depending on the kind of interaction, they will call or i
will call or whatever.

then there is love. yar. true love??? what is that. this is what i have been
"coming up with" these last few days.
you can sum it up by saying "woman are incorrigable", or putting it in eprime,
"Women seem incorrigable" especially some of the hot ones, the pretty-girl
chutzpah in the street and in the club that the good author salman rushdie
refers to. u cant always take paranoid view of things like asf IMHO sort of
projects, which IMO is why it is healthy to take a break sometimes and come

true love cant be known until you get your heart broken many times. like i told
this one girl when she was talking about it, i said diffidently love is
language, that is just that love is a word. you have to really experience that
sexual union, and love is ineffible, inarticulate, if it exists. for me love
like satori, like nirvana, all that stuff, they are words. maybe i have
experienced them but i dont categorize them. i want my model to GROW, not

give me 2 or ten years and my beliefs may change drastically. my experience
will grow. i will answer questions but seriously this is more just my outlook
and experience so far, other people like ijjjji and such i am sure have
stronger game, and neo-rio, and everyone has completely different life
experience, and stuff they can share. no two finger prints are identical. and
you can change your identity if you want.

ok far too much kjing, and i hope this doesnt sound too incoherent. i am not
really into field testing stuff, because i am not really into using techniques
and such, but i am entertained about reading about them. do you call triangular
gazing a technique? fine, then i do that sometimes. it comes natural, i guess,
but at one time it was learned. ok, enough fucking kjing. most important is the
health, women come next. ultimately, all roads connect. from seduction can talk
about health, leads talk about corporate cause of stress, to talk about career
change move, to talk about saving and money management. got to keep the focus
central to success in women, even though i think this forum is a sandtrap. the
lay guide and workshop or something is all you need. also i hope this post isnt
too incoherent, if it gets any readers from a new poster like me. i don't save
my posts as drafts and edit and polish like others may, though maybe i'll start
depending on how "involved" and "deep" i get in this community. alright, there
it lays

one more thing- my desire is to merge the life lived into making it like not
the boring thing it is for others but what is seen in movies. make my life the
story of titanic, of caddyshack, of everything everywhere, and in literature
too, and music. i take from all these sources. i come from a great hometown

one has a right to bunbury anywhere one chooses!
every serious bunburyist knows that!!! (oscar wilde)

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2005 by "mask-raider" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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