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Flaking right and left

mASF post by numbaunstunna

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Flaking right and left
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mASF post by "numbaunstunna"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, September 9, 2004

Haven't posted for a while!!
Anyway I was in the field trying new stuff out. I am comfortable with
approaching girls and using some routines that make them crack up and laugh!!
Its going good. However, I am sick of girls flaking on me. Its like everytime I
call a girl she flakes on me. Whats up with that. Someone suggested that was
because I usually # close in like 5 mins. But come on man!! I usually sarge
girls when I am walking to class. Thats all the time I have to get their
number. I have tried venue changing and its usually the "I have to do homework
crap". I sarged this girl,HB9, and had dinner with her. Did the maniac lay
on her but none of that sexual innuendo. She gave me a fake number.
WTF?? I know I need practice but Im getting impatient. A month since I started
sarging and I havent gotten any pussy. A little bit about my background. I am
from India. A lot of girls think I am hot. Plus I have an accent and I dress
all western. My inner game» was always tight to the point that I came across as
a prick to some girls. I dont know whats taking so long for me to become a PUA.
My SP is I dont create enough attraction to excite the girl and I guess she
forgets and therefore the flakes. Also I am a natural c&f. Am I

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