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Field Report: Dinner with HB8

mASF post by Superfly832

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Field Report: Dinner with HB8
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mASF post by "Superfly832"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, September 9, 2004

You need to go read the lay guide man.

never ask if she has a boyfriend. If she wants you to know she'll tell you. She
asked you about your dorms. That was a perfect chance to set up to take her
back later. i have a collection of blah blah.... wutever you think she'll like.
I fucced up like that the other day. You gotta sneak it in the conversation.
Then afterwards pull it and she'll follow cuz you seem genuine and she's
attracted. Dont wait till the last minute and try to get her up there she wont
buy it.

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