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DYD and your reality

mASF post by Neo-Rio

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DYD and your reality
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mASF post by "Neo-Rio"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2004

>You mean she wants you to become her
>orbitor in the process and to never
>actually see you anymore? LJBF sounds

No, what I'm saying is several things....

1) Women say "Let's just be friends" when you are *accidently* screwing up
their attempts to have a relationship (even sexual) with you. LJBF DOES NOT
MEAN that they don't like you.... but you are doing something to screw things
up (e.g. by being too shy to make moves, being lame, etc.)
All I am doing with LJBF is applying the same rule to them.

Most guys misunderstand why women get angry and say stupid shit that isn't
true. Fact of the matter is, AFCs do exactly the same thing to women.

2) Any chick who doesn't have the motivation or confidence to fuck you or even
be nice to you becomes your pivot. Hence LJBF. That concept is even in the lay
guides, so technically I'm not the first person to come up with the idea. Heck,
women invented the idea before the lay guide.

I'm trying to get you to see things from a woman's perspective to see where you
*may* be fucking up.

All I'm saying with this is, if you can't use C&F to get the chick to stop
shit-testing you, LJBF is your last resort.

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