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The biggest mistake guys on this board make

mASF post by xblitz44x

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The biggest mistake guys on this board make
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mASF post by "xblitz44x"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, December 12, 2003

The difference is, attraction is a natural compulsion. You don't have to *do*
anything for a woman to be attracted to you. If we feel we need to write a
billion posts, write a lay guide, and pay $600 bucks for a workshop, to learn
how to get women to do something that they are *already* programmed to do ,
we're starting off on the wrong foot.

I agree that we should date, and go out there and meet women to learn how to
socialize. But that's where it stops. The attraction takes place behind the
scenes. Women *are* attracted to you, as is, but we fvck it up with our own
hang-ups. If a woman doesn't call you back and apologizes because she had to
study you think.. "Shyt, she didn't call me back...I need to do a take away, I
need to be a challenge, I need to qualify her..." assuming she's 'losing
interest'. So you adjust your actions and behavior and wind up fvcking up a
perfectly good situation because you're insecure and can't trust a solid

I think if you look deeper you'll see that the troubles you are having all come
from within you. The games are transparent, and the only person they are
fooling *is* you. Go out there for ONE week, be who you are naturally, and
you'll see that you find the same women are attracted to you. And you'll have
*more* success because a) you're not fvcking it up by looking desperate for
having to resort to games, and b) you'll be able to relax and have a great time
and you'll see simple situations like starting a conversation as just
that...and not a need to indirectly insult a woman with a NEG, because she's
hot and shows you YOUR insecuries so you need to show her her's to 'level the
playing field'.

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