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Re: Discussion: PLRM Pre-Lay-Relaxation-Mode

mASF post by zyxwxy

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Re: Discussion: PLRM Pre-Lay-Relaxation-Mode
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mASF post by "zyxwxy"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, May 5, 2003

In article <[email protected]>, sillywilly

> I'd be interested in hearing stories, both positive and negative,
> about bringing chicks into PLRM while driving/walking/riding to
> the lay venue.

You've got it backwards. PLRM is about MAINTAINING her state. It's
about you not fucking up.

> For instance, I remember reading once (in the lay guide, I think)
> that you should say NOTHING while on the way to the lay venue -
> just kino. However this seems awkward to me, to say NOTHING.
> TokyoPUA, in the article linked above, says he comments on the
> surroundings to get a chick into PLRM.

He actually says "I'm into a familiar mode we can call PLRM." He's
the one in PLRM - instead of trying to sarge further, and to avoid
an uncomfortable silence, he's commenting on surroundings. He does
this so she doesn't break state by dwelling on the fact that she's
being taken back to a guy's hotel room to fuck.

> Recently I had a ONS with a HB at her place, and
> one deciding factor seemed to be that (luckily) the front door to
> her apartment complex was open, so we were able to push it open
> with our bodies while tonguing down.

I read your FR, and I think you're making way too much of this
detail. It was cool that it DID happen, but it was unlikely to be a
deal-breaker if it didn't.

How often you you really ponder yourself getting your keys,
selecting the right one, inserting it in the lock, turning it, and
opening the door? Probably never - it's automatic. When you're
making out that hot and heavy, it's almost always a given that
you'll at least get in the door, so to speak.

But if you were to make a stupid comment while she unlocks her door,
or ASK if you could come in instead of presuming it, or lose it and
start shaking, THAT would have broken her state. And that's what
PLRM is all about. You RELAX.

> Anyway, stories or discussion about PLRM would be welcome.

PLRM is basically avoiding tension or awkward statements or even
awkward silence, and especially comments on what's going to happen.
It's diverting YOUR mind as much as hers. The more nervous you are
apt to get on the way to the lay, the more you need PLRM.

To tell the truth, I don't think about it much, because I long ago
lost my nervousness about impending sex. I simply keep up the
conversation that we had been having up to that point, because there
has to be some good conversational rapport before I'll bring a chick
home in the first place.


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