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Lay Report: Kino + lucky logistics = ONS (long)

mASF post by sillywilly

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Lay Report: Kino + lucky logistics = ONS (long)
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mASF post by "sillywilly"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2003

I wanted to go out to a particular bar where I'm friends with the owners.
After calling up several female friends and having no luck, and even after
calling a wing, I ended up going to the bar alone. I didn't expect anything
to happen, but just wanted to chat with the owners of the bar since I hadn't
seen them in a while.

I arrive at the bar. Immediately I see MrOldAcquaintance, an old friend of
a friend. I was surprised to see him in town again - I thought that he was
living in another country. I walk to him and chatted him up a little. He was
sitting next to MissWacky - another friend of a friend, female, who is
an artist and kind of wacky. I saw one of the owners (HBTipsyArtist) sitting
on the couch. I walked over to her and tried to put some moves on her. She
seemed in an odd mood. Melancholic and tipsy. Anyway in the middle of my
routine she gets up and has to leave to give some other people a ride home,
but she specifically says to me "I'll be back in half an hour, I just have
to give these people a ride home." I felt like I had made one or two tiny
steps forward with HbTipsyArtist, so I regretted her leaving, and would wait
for her to come back and see what happened.

So now I am alone again and I went back to the other table to chat with
MrOldAcquaintance, but he isn't there at the moment, only MissWacky is
there. I never really knew MissWacky too well but we had talked before and we
recognized each other so i said "cheers" to her and clinked her beer bottle.

So we fluff for a few seconds then she suddenly says there's this artist,
HBVisitingArtist that I should meet, who is in town for a month. MissWacky
even said (surprisingly, since I only see her maybe once a year) how she had
specifically been thinking of me recently because she wanted HBVisitingArtist
to meet me. MissWacky then said, "In fact, HBVisitingArtist is coming here
to this bar later tonight. You can meet her then."

Sure enough, a little later, HBVisitingArtist came in and MissWacky
introduced us. Eye Contact. I held her hand a second longer than usual while
shaking hands. I sat back down and continued my conversation with
MrOldAcquaintance about him being in town and his job and stuff.
HBVisitingArtist continues to stand next to MissWacky and chat. I notice
as I am talking with MrOldAcquaintance that in the background MissWacky
is saying to HBVisitingArtist "You have to talk to sillywilly!"

After a while HBVisitingArtist comes to sit down with us. Fortunately (I now
realize this was an element left to chance - but maybe that was good, too,
since i didn't appear over-eager) she decides to sit next to me because there
is a bit of a gap between my chair and SomeOtherGuy's chair, so she scoots
her chair in right next to me.

We started talking about her art work. I talked about how I also do a bit
of art. We get to fluffing about the city we are in (kind of a small city),
and talk about small city vs. big city issues. SomeOtherGuy, sitting on the
other side of HBVisitingArtist, also chimes in with some small city vs. big
city talk. HBVisitingArtist goes to the restroom.

In the meantime HBTipsyArtist has been back for a few minutes. She's sitting
on the far side of the table. Since she's sitting so far away, I can't kino
her, so she's not an immediate target anymore. Still, HBTipsyArtist directs
a few words at me while HBVisitingArtist is in the restroom. Then
HBVisitingArtist comes back. I continue to chat with HBTipsyArtist.
I notice HBVisitingArtist is sitting back staring into space. After a bit,
I lean back and clink her glass.

We get to talking about her art again and how she travels so much due to her
art work and exhibitions. We talk about the exciting feeling of going to
another country, and how it will all work out although lots of stuff is
not completely planned in advance. All the while my kino is escalating,
and she is responding well. It started with my hand occasionally touching
her clothed arm. Accepted. Then my hand touching the bare small of her back.
Accepted. However she leaned back in her chair a little after that. I did too,
but continued to talk in a normal tone of voice, meaning she had to lean
forward to hear me well. At appropriate points in the convo I brush the back
of my hand against the back of hers. Accepted. Then I brush the top of my hand
against the bottom of hers. Repeatedly. After a while I notice the light flick
of her fingers as my fingers touch her palm - she either briefly returns the
stroke, or slightly tightens her grip. At every positive reaction from her
to my kino, I see the opportunity and instantly escalate. Now, she's playing
with my hand as I play with hers. At some point I withdrew kino (testing her)
and she reached over and put her fingers on my arm. Later as I was holding her
hand her fingers brushed my leg. Kino, Kino, Kino. The lay guide says it all.
You do not want to grope. You want to test her, tease her, get her to want to
touch you, and above all constantly WATCH HOW SHE RESPONDS and react

One by one the people leave. MrOldAcquaintance, SomeOtherGuy, HBTipsyArtist.
I notice MissWacky is standing around impatiently at the far side of the room
with a drink in her hand, her jacket put on, ready to leave, and eyeing us
both discreetly, waiting to take HBTipsyArtist home (they arrived together).
At some point after my kino is off the scale (stroking her hands and legs
and back up and down), MrArtist comes to us. I notice MrArtist had been
sitting alone on the couch across the room and had been eyeing us. It turns
out he is also an artist in the same building as HBVisitingArtist. He offers
to show us some pictures of his project. All the while I am kinoing
HBVisitingArtist, she is kinoing me. She is leaning forward to listen to
him, and is not just passively holding my hand, but is actively stroking it.
Since she is leaning forward my hand is sandwiched between her hand and
her fucking humongous tits. As i move my thumb to stroke her hand, I am
also stroking her tits.

No change in her continuing positive reaction (returning my hand stroke,
brushing her fingers against my leg). Occasionally I sandwich her hand
between both of my hands, or stroke her thigh up and down. MrArtist says he
had never seen "us before as a couple" which is why he didn't approach
us earlier - he wasn't sure if he recognized HBVisitingArtist or not.
A little later MrArtist asks how long I've been in town. I tell him (a few
years), and he said, "oh, I thought you just came into town to visit
your girlfriend HBVisitingArtist". She said to him, smiling and continuing
to stroke my hand, "no, sillywilly and I just met tonight."

MissWacky comes over and says she's going home with a taxi. She asked if
"any of us" were coming with her, but it was clear that with "any of us"
she was specifically asking HBVisitingArtist if she was leaving.

HBVisitingArtist says flat out NO. Not "I guess", not "wait a bit",
just flat out "NO - I am staying here."

Fucking-A, man, I'm in!

MissWacky said "but the bar is closing." No response from HBVisitingArtist
or me. MissWacky kisses HBVisitingArtist goodbye and leaves. After a few
minutes we too are kicked out of the bar. We say goodbye to MrArtist, who
then heads home. I put my arm around HBVisitingArtist's waist and lead her
to my car. I make no attempt at a kiss yet. I just open the door for her, kino
her back as she gets into the car, calmly walk around to the driver's side,
and get in. I start the car. I turn to her, take her hand again, and say,
"Alone at last."

Tongue down. No resistance. (Obviously - after that much kino and her clearly
positive and active responses, it was obvious that she wanted and expected to
tongue me down.) I stop the car. Tongue down further. I stop and ask where she
lives. She tells me. "Then I guess I'd better take you home," I say.
I drive there.

At a stop light I slow to a stop, and she starts to point to tell me how to
get to her place. I shift into neutral, pull the parking brake, and tongue her
down before she can finish talking, making sure to keep an eye on the road
behind me in case someone drives up behind me. After guessing that the stop
light turned green, I ended the kiss and pulled back. The light was green.

We continued to drive to her place. As we approach, she points to the house
at the end of the street, saying "there it is." There is of course no parking
in front of her place. She seemed to hesitate, almost wanting to ask to be
let out in front of the house. I immediately said, "I'll find a parking
place." I circled around. Damn inner city parking. I eventually found half
a parking spot and parked halfway on top of the crosswalk, resigning myself
to get a ticket the next day.

We walk to her door. Tongue down. She's teasing me. Pulling back, etc. I
do the same, teasing her, pulling back as our lips brush. We then kiss
passionately. I pull her in, squeezing her and her wonderful tits against me.
We lean back against the entranceway to the housing complex and, to my
amazement, the door is unlocked and comes open - no fumbling with keys
necessary, no conscious decision on anyone's part, just a slight involuntary
push and we're in the building.

Now I'm across the threshhold. Now I'm in. We tongue down on the stairway. I
pull her gently up the stairs. We come to her door. She whispers that
someone else is also staying in the apartment. I say "we'll have to be quiet

On her bed, I get token resistance as I want to take off her sweater. "No,
I don't think so," she said, pulling her sweater back down, but laughing
and eyeing me coyly. I just ignore it, proceed. Eventually it comes off, as
do the rest of the clothes. The rest is left as an exercise for the

Upon reflection, there were a number of random chance factors which led to
success in this outing:

* the fact that MissWacky wanted to introduce HBVisitingArtist to me
* the fact that HBVisitingArtist chose to sit next to me and not somewhere else
* the fact that I came with my car, so I could take HBVisitingArtist home
* the fact that MissWacky didn't actively try to CB me
* the fact that I found parking reasonably close to HBVisitingArtist's place
* the fact that the door to her housing complex door was unlocked (pushing on
it while kissing)
* the fact that she appeared to have no ASD

If any one of these factors had been different, it could possibly have led
to failure. In particular, the niggling little things like getting across
the threshold and into the apartment complex normally require the HB to
consciously reach into her purse, take the keys, and open the door. If she's
already mega-horny, then she will make the decision to let you in. But if
she's only halfway-horny, that extra conscious decision she has to make in
order to let you in may be hindered by ASD. The same with parking. If I
couldn't find any parking after a few minutes, her ASD might have kicked in
and she might have decided otherwise.

In other words, the outing ended successfully, but there still were a number
of factors - in particular logistical factors - left to chance. I'd be
interested in hearing about ways to overcome the logistical obstacles, since
they are important, but difficult to regulate.

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2003 by "sillywilly" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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