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some questions for attitude and confidence experts

mASF post by kay

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some questions for attitude and confidence experts
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mASF post by "kay"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2003

Hey everyone
How's it going ?

I'm a looooooonnnnnnng time lurker ( very long time lurker ) and I would like
some advice some people on the forum .

A little bit about myself I'm a 24 year old black canadian
average everything and I like most people her have been trying to get a game to
handle my life with women .

the thing is I have read the material for a while and I have tried it on about
3 girls in about 3 years , yeah I know not a big sex life cause in my life I
laid only one girl . So you can imagine I have issues .From what I have tried I
like the nmp dyd and the nyc style to be the most effective for me and the
original tony's lay guide.

My main problem would be that I'm scared shitless of women definetly cause of
my sexual inexperience and the fact that I'm used to being alone and this fear
of not being liked. I have tried this internal thing when you imagine your
success or imagine a better version of yourself and internalize it but for me
it doesn't seem to work . At the rate I'm going I know a lot off routine and
with the 3 chicks that I've tried it on , I can act it out for a while but
eventually I revert back to a major nice afc.

I've even tried Svengali's deshy but I was barely able to pull it off. said hi
to 2 or 3 by saying hi and asking the time but in my mind it was like :" they
know what your doin but you look like a dork doin it".

So I know that if I don't stop being scared of girls and don't internalize an
alpha attitude there's NO way any of this on this site is gonna work for me ,
or it while for a while and I'll be discovered which will put me back where I

So if any of you could give me something , cause I know I gotta do the work but
I figured that what works with the others (to gain confidence) doesn't work
with me maybe someone would have a personal extra that worked for them .
And also I tried getting friend of mine to go sarge with me but they all flake.
And I even became a promoter for a while but that did not seem to work on me

C ya

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