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Dudes, Get a Clue: Being Mean vs Being Playful

mASF post by Ryobi

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Dudes, Get a Clue: Being Mean vs Being Playful
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mASF post by "Ryobi"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2003

On 1/4/03 3:39:39 PM, Style wrote:
>I don't think a lot of posters
>here understand Cocky and

Style, this is a great post. I was thinking this exact same thing last night. I
think people need to realise it's also about being the character who can be
Cocky and Funny with her, not just a few random C&F lines in and of themselves
that will get results.

>Anyway, this, IMHO, is
>Style (with ice tongs in my
>hand): If I squeezed your neck
>with these
>and made a mark, what would
>your husband think? Would he
>think some
>guy gave you a hickey?
>HB: I'd just tell him it was a
>Style: Okay, good come here
>then. (Start chasing her
>around with ice
>HB: Ha ha stop etc.
>Style: You know, why use ice
>tongs? Come here (trying to
>bite her

Perfect example.

>Like the poster here (forgot
>who, sorry) who told an HB,
>"Don't tell
>me your wit is deserting you
>now, you wouldn't want to have
>to survive
>on your looks alone." That
>works if SAID with the right
>attitude and
>smile in the field. But a guy
>who doesn't get it will just
>end up
>sounding like an insecure

It was me who posted this. I have the kind of delivery and smile where I can
get away with saying practically anything to a girl and she is caught between
not knowing if I am serious or if I am joking. It keeps her on her toes and
makes her intrigued about me.

>IMHO, the IDEAL way to be is:
>push pull using C/F. In other
>always keep them guessing.
>First pretend like they're
>hitting on you,
>and THEN pretend like they're
>rejecting you. First, tease
>them about
>something they're wearing, and
>then when they do it back say
>mean and have really offending
>you. Do lots of things where
>qualify and then disqualify
>her. Make a relationship, then
>say it's
>not working out. Get engaged,
>then break up. Never let them
>know where
>you or they stand. I LOVE a
>good swordfight with an HB,
>esp when you
>both fall in love with each
>other by the end.

Dude, this is *exactly* how I feel. I tell the HB that I can't believe how some
people will decide to get married so quickly, she agrees. Then when she says
something that I really like, I say "y'know this is really kinda sudden, but I
feel that we should get married." Sometimes adding "How's next Thursday for
you?" They seem to love this type of stuff although it makes no logical sense
and it builds rapport at the same time and makes them feel comfortable around

The sword fight is a great analogy, someone who can engage you in a verbal
jousting. This is what makes HBs fun to be around IMHO, other than just fucking
them. I think some of the guys on here could learn from this, rather than just
the attitude of "well if you are fucking them then who cares what they think or
feel". Fine if you want a ONS, but for a FB or MLTR, you will get SO much more
out of it if you actually enjoy her as a person as well.

>Also, for some girls, c/F is
>enough in itself, but not for
>the REAL
>prize HBs. IMHO, the RIGHT way
>to do this is to be cocky and
>WHILE demonstrating value.
>The problem IN THIS NG is that
>some guys are simply idolizing
>posters and trying to model
>what they write. You do NOT
>know that they
>are getting laid. You do NOT
>know if they are good PUAs.
>You do NOT
>know if you'd even enjoy
>sitting across a table from
>them. All you
>know is what YOU experience in
>the field. TFM and the Lay
>Guide ARE
>gold, a lot of the posts here
>are crap. And there IS gold to
>be found
>in these posts too. So YOU
>have to see what really gets
>Not converations, but RESULTS.
>You NEED to be able to see,
>and respont do SOCIAL
>DYNAMICS. You need to
>calibrate, to watch and
>read the person you are
>talking to. LOOK AT HER, WATCH
>your head trying to think of
>MATERIAL you just read online
>will work. Yes, sometimes the
>process of
>seduction CAN be
>counter-intuitive and you are
>REMAKING a lot of your
>old behavoirs and doing things
>you never thought of before.
>It's hard
>to do this alone.
>So what is the solution: TEST
>whatever you want, then see
>WHAT gets
>the IOIs/results, and keep
>what works and THROW OUT what
>your FALSE
>IDOLS tell you they are doing.

This is where people who are hardcore SSers have some trouble. Ross is so set
against any other method that his students feel as if they are cheating on him
by trying the methods of any of the other guys. One of the best tools you can
possess for seduction is to have an open mind. And I have met guys who are
great at SS implement other methods and they agree that it helps their game.

I read an on-line article that I can post the link of if anyone is interested,
in which Ross is basically backtracking most of his claims about SS to a
journalist. He says after meeting for a coffee date you usually need to meet
another 2 or 3 times before the HB is willing to become a sex partner.
Certainly a far cry from being able to talk any woman into bed 20 minutes after
meeting her!

I'm not knocking SS, I have used it effectively WITH OTHER METHODS. Just
realise that it is in somebody's best interest to say that their system is the
only that works, even when there is a stack of evidence to suggest this isn't

>Sometimes I'll actually
>an IOI test after I'm curious
>if my material is working.
>I'll say,
>"Give me your hands." Then I
>hold my hands in air at
>shoulder level.
>She puts her hands in mine. I
>squeeze gently. Does she
>squeeze back? I
>let go but keep her hands on
>mine, then slowly lower my
>hands. Do her
>hands follow mine? When I'm
>done, sometimes the HBs ask,
>"What was
>that?" I'll say, "An IOI
>test." LOL. Who cares...

You are being playful and doing something because it amuses yourself, not
focusing on impressing her. I'm not surprised that this works.

>There is so much more I want
>to say here, so many more
>examples I want
>to give, but in general: be
>THE man, be confident, not a
>little boy.
>Seduce her, don't annoy her.
>Be cocky AND funny AND
>playful, don't be
>mean (unless it's part of a
>push pull strategy).

Fantastic post, like I said at the top I was thinking of exactly this same
thing. I WILL expand on this in a new thread in a couple of weeks after field
testing some new thoughts I had. I have 4 HBs who I'm meeting over the next
couple of weeks, all for a first "date". I'm going to focus more on being in
the right character and conveying personality, rather than exact routines and
I'll post what works (hopefully in a quadruple lay report :-))


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