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Re: Dudes, Get a Clue: Being Mean vs Being Playful

mASF post by softcontrol

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Re: Dudes, Get a Clue: Being Mean vs Being Playful
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mASF post by "softcontrol"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2003

[deleted and reposted for clarity since I couldn't edit this one for some
<Style> wrote in message news:[email protected]
> I don't think a lot of posters here understand Cocky and Funny.

Yes, but this is true for every system. Very few people here actually
understand any of the systems correctly.

> Reading some interminable transcripts of online "seductions" (it's not
> a seduction if you don't * or !close her, or at the very least guys
> get her f-ing phone number) , I see there's a distinction to be made

Right. If you don't close her at all, it is only a sarge. If you at least
contact close her and she doesn't flake, then it is a PU. But, IMO, you must
actually f-close her to call it a seduction. A few posts ago I mentioned
that the definition of seduction, according to Webster, means inducing a
woman to have sex with you. Unless you are 100% sure that she would have
done so and for some reason you were the one that decided not to do it, then
you can't call it a seduction. Even then, I tend to think that it is

> The problem IN THIS NG is that some guys are simply idolizing frequent
> posters and trying to model what they write. You do NOT know that they
> are getting laid. You do NOT know if they are good PUAs. You do NOT
> know if you'd even enjoy sitting across a table from them. All you
> know is what YOU experience in the field. TFM and the Lay Guide ARE
> gold, a lot of the posts here are crap. And there IS gold to be found
> in these posts too. So YOU have to see what really gets you RESULTS.

You know, it is amazing how people on this board are often coming to same
conclusions simultaneously. I almost started a new thread on a very similar
subject a couple of days ago.

The way I see it, a big problem with ASF is people here spend too much time
trying to play someone else's game. They try to be Mystery, but they have
never met him, or they try to be David DeAngelo, but they don't know what
he does, or they try to someone else who might have a good game but
has a completely different personality from the reader. It is much better to
spend your time thinking about what you want to do in any given situation.
Play your own game.

> So what is the solution: TEST whatever you want, then see WHAT gets
> the IOIs/results, and keep what works and THROW OUT what your FALSE
> IDOLS tell you they are doing.

ASFers can be very vocal in insisting that you always do things their way,
but once you get out in the field you have to move beyond that and think for
yourself. What works for someone else might not work for you, and, most
likely, it doesn't even work for the original author in all situations. You
have to be flexible, not dogmatic.

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