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Dudes, Get a Clue: Being Mean vs Being Playful

mASF post by LowRider69

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Dudes, Get a Clue: Being Mean vs Being Playful
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mASF post by "LowRider69"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2003


I'm glad you posted this.

I think i'm hurting myself by reading all these posts and I think a lot of
other guys are hurting themselves by reading these posts. You're absolutely
right. I don't know who's a good PUA, who's a bad PUA. All the theories,
tactics, questions, they confuse me more than HELP me.

Even stuff by the PUAs. I mean, I'm not comfortable with an opener like "dental
floss" b/c my game isn't at that level yet. YOU might be able to pull it off
flawlessly. Imagine a bunch of new guys reading that post and going out and
asking HBs about "flossing" ...brutal.

I learn SO MUCH more by going out and trying new things. I get AWESOME
experience from a night of sarging. The only reason I post so much is b/c ASF
is the only place I can talk about this as most of my friends aren't into
'seducing women'

BUT!!! From this day on, I LowRider, will ONLY post detailed field reports. I
will post detailed field reports in HOPES that other guys will be MOTIVATED to
go out and post their OWN field reports. Before long my field reports should
become lay reports, and soon after that, I'll stop posting all together. I'm
planning on having some crazy adventures VERY SOON and maybe in a year or so
I'll be back to impart all the new wisdom I gained THROUGH EXPERIENCE :)



>The problem IN THIS NG is that
>some guys are simply idolizing
>posters and trying to model
>what they write. You do NOT
>know that they
>are getting laid. You do NOT
>know if they are good PUAs.
>You do NOT
>know if you'd even enjoy
>sitting across a table from
>them. All you
>know is what YOU experience in
>the field. TFM and the Lay
>Guide ARE
>gold, a lot of the posts here
>are crap. And there IS gold to
>be found
>in these posts too. So YOU
>have to see what really gets
>Not converations, but RESULTS.
>You NEED to be able to see,
>and respont do SOCIAL
>DYNAMICS. You need to
>calibrate, to watch and
>read the person you are
>talking to. LOOK AT HER, WATCH
>your head trying to think of
>MATERIAL you just read online
>will work. Yes, sometimes the
>process of
>seduction CAN be
>counter-intuitive and you are
>REMAKING a lot of your
>old behavoirs and doing things
>you never thought of before.
>It's hard
>to do this alone.
>So what is the solution: TEST
>whatever you want, then see
>WHAT gets
>the IOIs/results, and keep
>what works and THROW OUT what
>your FALSE
>IDOLS tell you they are doing.
>Sometimes I'll actually
>an IOI test after I'm curious
>if my material is working.
>I'll say,
>"Give me your hands." Then I
>hold my hands in air at
>shoulder level.
>She puts her hands in mine. I
>squeeze gently. Does she
>squeeze back? I
>let go but keep her hands on
>mine, then slowly lower my
>hands. Do her
>hands follow mine? When I'm
>done, sometimes the HBs ask,
>"What was
>that?" I'll say, "An IOI
>test." LOL. Who cares...
>There is so much more I want
>to say here, so many more
>examples I want
>to give, but in general: be
>THE man, be confident, not a
>little boy.
>Seduce her, don't annoy her.
>Be cocky AND funny AND
>playful, don't be
>mean (unless it's part of a
>push pull strategy).
>Finally, anyone I've singled
>out: i'm just using you as
>examples. I actually enjoyed
>your posts. Congratulate

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