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bar fuckup

mASF post by TylerDurden

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bar fuckup
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mASF post by "TylerDurden"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, December 12, 2002

On 12/17/02 12:35:00 AM, Wall_Street wrote:
>Were you trying to isolate? How is
>bringing her to meet Toecutter
>isolation? Was the 'let's meet
>Toecutter' story a fake one to get her

I figured to get her downstairs and say that I can't find him, or possibly have
him do it quickly and then use the social proof that TC would have with other
girls to push the sarge further, before trying to get her out of the club.

>She is acting a certain way... she does
>not feel anything special for you (not a
>putdown... just the nature of the club
>game). She is very flirty because a)

Definetely true. I'm not accustomed to all this club-shit. It's like a
"morally free zone" where chicks can do this shit. Outside of a club, it would
have been ON, but in there I hadn't the skill to seal it.

>she's with friends and she's confident;
>b) she's drunk; or c) she loves the
>attention. I've found that Montreal

I think c), in that she likes to be FELT and to kiss, but nothing more. OR,
its technically possible that she did have a man, and didn't want to cheat more
than that, and didn't regard what she did as cheating.

I dont' care about that, but its possible.

>you on some level and that's enough. The
>truly hard part is in turning these
>superficial IOI's into true lust. I

Yep. Tried -everything-, but couldn't seal it.

>wholeheartedly agree that exactly what
>you needed was to isolate, but 1 on 1,
>no Toecutter there, nothing. What
>bar/club were you at by the way?

Maybe "McGillis" around Cresent St. I can't remember.

TC thing was explained above.

>>but I won't. She asks me to
>>palm-read, so I say "OK, this
>>line says that you think I'm a
>>loser who will bring his
>>friends to meet you, like a
>>princess" - and then I start
>>tickling her.. She is
>>laughing, grabs me more more
>>more, etc etc..
>Even though she responded well, it feels
>like this is where it starts to go bad.

I can definetely see where you'd get that, but in fact it HELPED the sarge.

It's just C&F shit.

She acted no dif than before. I was trying to call her on the fact that I KNEW
that it would be AFC to bring him, and to make her have no doubts that I would
NOT do what she wanted.. It's in my delivery.

>I don't know how it sounded IRL, but the
>way you read her palm sounds like you
>are getting upset. Her positive response

Yep.. It was C&F.. I also call girls "retarded" and "little shits" all the
time... its a big hit... in the delivery. I'll show you next time I'm up.

>of, "I can't concentrate properly in
>this part of the room. Let's go sit over
>there..." Or even taking her hand as if
>to read the palm, and pulling her with
>you somewhere else.

Good move. Actually, the one I tried first! :)

I tried everything in the book to isolate, actually, just didn't post it all.

>If she had serious feelings for you,
>would she have left without telling you?

hahaha. dude, we're totally on the same wavelength.

She actually was begging me to hang around her the whole time that she was
getting her coat from coat-check, and even said "I'm not leaving, stay with me,
we're married" all the way down.. I just did a takeaway AGAIN, to try to get
what I wanted.

>Here's my thoughts on your situation:
>There is a dichotomy in the clubs... you
>can get girls who dig you only in a fun,
>hangout, impress-my-GF's and raise my
>ego sort of way, and then there's the
>attraction where they are willing to sex
>you if you disarm their obstacles
>enough. This girl is from the first
>group, and I might have ejected early on

That's what I think as well. I ejected frequently to sarge other girls, but
because SIX guys were in the club, I'd return in between sarges, to see if I
could TA the situation.

But yes, we need SCREENS for mental-masterbation and FAKE-club IOIs.

>of fake-flirting. Ask yourself, "Does
>this girl appear to like me TOO much,
>TOO fast? What is the motivation for

I like that... very insightful, and a good point.

>Your girl probably had no intention of
>sleeping with anyone short of Brad Pitt
>that night. Now you can change that, but

True. At the same time though, her intentions will change as I work her.
Still, my club game is too SHIT to handle it.

At the moment, my game is based on the assumption that girls aren't messing
with me, the way they do in clubs. I need to play HARDBALL, and fix it.

In a year's time, I bet it will be GAME. But right now, it is CRAP.

>need, and she gets it met. I think your
>girl had a need which you supplied to
>her. With more experience you'll be able

YES. You're SO right on this.

I did TAKEAWAYS, but they were not ENOUGH.

I needed to play HARDBALL, but the question is HOW???

The answer, I think, was to merge a GIANT group around me right beside her, and
show her that the golden gates of her ENTERTAINMENT were going to be CLOSED
unless she isolated at some point.

Basically, make her feel LAME without me, by being the ALPHA of a huge group
right beside her.

I dunno, and maybe I'll realize that this is stupid, but its all that I can
think of at this time.

>flirting too much is 'calling her on
>it', forcing her to put up or shut up as
>it were. If it's not real, make it real.

You know what I FORGOT to try, actually: CRAIG's KISS GAME from the Lay Guide.

A WICKED way to call teases on their bullshit.

>This girl would have been a piece of
>cake to do that on. Like slipping her a
>french kiss while squeezing an ass
>cheek. Worst case response: "What the
>Hell are you doing!?!" You, supremely
>confident and secure: "Well that's what
>married people do, don't they?" You're
>not at fault... you're reading her

Totally awesome idea, except that the answer doesn't work.

I say that because she would have thought that I was SERIOUS if I said that..
Instead, I need a better C&F response.

See the difference?

Anyone have suggestions?

>anyways. Hope this helps.

EXTREMELY helpful Wall_Street, thank you for your reply.

>By the way, I was a little disappointed
>you didn't call on Sunday.

I planned to call you Sunday once we found the club that we intended to stay
at. Instead, we bounced from club to club, where we tried to find some HBs.
Literally, we found NO HBs at-all-whatsoever.

So we went home kinda pissed off, and never wound up calling you since there
was no clubs with girls. (might have been better to say "we're not sarging",
except that right up until the bitter end of the night I was still optimistic
that we could find some girls.. so by the time I'd accepted it, I would have
had to call you at 2am.. still, sorry)


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