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Re: Time to crack down on leech sites...

mASF post by Namaste21

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Re: Time to crack down on leech sites...
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mASF post by "Namaste21"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, November 11, 2002

I emailed this guy telling him to stop selling people's work.

Here is his response:

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for contacting me!

I'm a little puzzled though. I got the permission of the overwhelming
majority of authors featured in LayGuideto keep their work as part of
LayGuidebased on various settlements I negotiated with them almost three
years ago - and haven't had any complaints ever since. So your terse two
sentences, without any additional explanations as they are, seem to come
out of literally nowhere. Unless we have a case of false representation
here, which has been rampant in recent times. You wouldn't believe how
many organizations and individuals are out there claiming to represent me
or LayGuideor Ross Jeffries etc to pursue a multitude of self-righteous
or even illegal causes (in addition to the unlawfulness of false
representation itself).

So specifically which authors do you represent and specifically which
copyrighted works of their's are we talking about here?

All the best!

<formhandle> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Got a few e-mails this week about an interesting discovery regarding the
> who runs ("Anton Klink" from a place called Estonia) and how
> keeps using that material (almost 100% not his own) to generate more &
> revenue options for him, without any intention whatsoever to do anything
> the material except to make money off it.
> Some of you may remember that crap on and the dick who
> it (I believe his online name was smackulus)... well, ALLEGEDLY, he's now
> some "deal" with Anton to repurpose the LayGuidecontents as part of the
> payment for site access (even though Anton has practically no rights to
> such deals in the first place). Or, that domain was bought by a guy named
> "Wayne Ross" to promote his products and the LayGuidesituation was part
of it.
> I haven't verified this yet, so perhaps some guys could look into this...
> In any case, anyone that knows about the "source" of the LayGuideknows
> it's almost entirely made up of posts from public USENet, by many of the
> well-known regulars and proponents of the community. Most of those guys
> gave Anton permission to SELL their writings. Republishing in another
> medium is one thing, but selling access to such writings is SLEAZY. It's
> of the primary reasons I decided to provide an enhanced version of the
> for free on this site. I even asked Ross' permission to make some of the
> canned patterns available on the free FS101 version (in exchange for
> links), while Anton continues to SELL that copyrighted material without
> permission.
> ON TOP OF ALL THIS, Anton has created a few mirror sites to try to direct
> "lay guide" traffic to domains that the community doesn't (yet) know
> repurposing the same exact content, in the same exact way, charging money
> writings by many people who never gave him permission to do so.
> An example of such a site:
> Even a large chunk of the "preview" pages for what appears on that site
> actually stuff *I* wrote, especially for the FS101 version of the guide,
> which I never gave such permission to republish anywhere on the planet in
> form.
> This whole situation pisses me off even more now because, just this week,
> (along with TokyoPUA) have actually put MONEY into making sure this web
> can keep up with the traffic. We also try to support the site's existence
> through donations and unobtrusive referrals to products we feel have real
> value, all while not charging a single dime to access the site. I'm here
> making sure everything is running smoothly, and take a lot of time to post
> help out with discussions, and add new stuff, tweak features, fix issues,
> answer e-mails, etc.
> In the meantime, what do guys like Anton and his "affiliates" do?
> people's lifted writings, not add any value whatsoever, and regurgitate it
> through 100% pay sites.
> Here's what I'd like:
> -- If anyone knows about any more of these kinds of "lay guide mirror"
> let me know. ESPECIALLY if the entirety of the site is to charge access
to a
> completely regurgitated lay guide. If anyone knows of a site that makes
us of
> the lay guide as a *supplement* to another purchase, let me know. If a
> site sells a PDF of it, let me know. What I'm going to do is maintain a
> collection of all these URLs and publish a regularly updated "sleaze" list
> reference it from the free version on this site (Player Guide).
> -- On top of that, I'd like to collect the names of all the "contributors"
> the lay guide and e-mail them the details of the situation... let Anton
> out exactly how he plans to compensate those guys (if they care for that)
> what he does when many of them ask him to stop selling their words. If
> tactic doesn't work, perhaps his ISP (and the ISPs of his "affiliates"
would be
> interested in knowing what's going on).
> -- Finally, I'd like some help with ideas on how to save many guys out
> from unwittingly paying for something they can (and should) get for free.
> very difficult to inform those guys when they run across or
> before ever finding out about FS101. I know for a fact
> Anton at one point went in and explicitly removed all references to the
> that would lead his "customers" to find out the truth... (that they can
get an
> even better version, along with a shitload of additional high-quality
> PU/seduction material/resources, for FREE).
> --
> jay [[email protected]]
> Fast Seduction 101 -
> Class is now in session...

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