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mASF post by RED5

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gift to masf readers-
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mASF post by "RED5"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/13/05 11:15:00 AM, APHRODISIAC wrote:

>1. When going to sarge( about
>12 hours prior) , DO NOT READ
>MASF or anything seduction
>related. Infact , I would
>suggest taking a quiet walk or
>sitting ideal without speaking
>to yourself( like a
>chatterbox). Do not talk to
>yourself @ all. Let it be all

Good Idea

>2. Accept ( incase you are not
>a TRUE MPUA yet) that you have

Why would I want to think about this? That I have flaws?
Wouldn't you be better focusing on your good qualities.

>3.(Most Important, credit to
>deepak chopra), RElinquish
>your attachment to the result
>of getting laid
If you enjoy the sarge,
>things will start HAPPENING on
>their own.

When you worry about the outcome it fucks you up, because you have made her the
prize something that you can lose. If you are the prize then she is the one
that can lose out.

>infact enjoy seduction so much
>that the chick is horny and
>tripping and all I do is more
>push pull just for the sake. I
>make her beg for sex. That
>means, enjoy telling your
>jokes , Enjoy the kinoing as
>well. Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

You can't get good at anything...if you don't enjoy it. And you can't enjoy it
if you worry about the outcome.

If you think in terms of I'll say this or that to make her laugh and like me.
You are performing a show for her benefit which makes her the prize. You will
never enjoy yourself and you won't get the girl either for all your trouble.

If you enjoy yourself first she will enjoy herself (laugh and the whole world
laughs with you, kinda thing)

>5.Never ever get excitated by
>ANY HB or feel low by losing
>ANY HB. Your happiness depends
>on you, right. No matter what
>is taken from you , you will
>not be crushed. Period.

I don't agree i think you should get excited when you see someone that is
attractive. Your excitement is contagious and she will be excited as well. Do
this without fear is the trick or not worrying about the outcome as you said

>6.Talk to an SHB, the way you
>would talk to a friend.Like
>you are trying to run a
>routine on your friend( this
>eliminates the fear

That sounds good in theory but doesn't work. Well it can work if you are
constantly doing approaches and you can deaden the effect her beauty has on

I'll be posting something soon that is a 100% subconscious indicator of
attraction she can't hide. You just got to know how to trigger it and read the
result. Then you know she is hot for you so then you can approach 100%
fearless, certain shes into you. I just tried it today and got some amazing
results. I'll be testing this for the next week or so.

>7.If all goes well, and you
>get somewhere, use this
>you: there are 3 flies in a
>corked bottle. 2 male 1
>female. the female wants to
>get out and does not know the
>way out.She is christian and
>does not kiss without love.
>She approaches the first male
>fly and asks him the way out,
>he says ' kiss me and i'll
>say'. she approaches the
>second one and he says 'kiss
>me and i'll say'. so how does
>her:she will just kiss them ,
>blah blah..
>you: nope, keep trying
>her: ok , i give
>you: kiss me and i'll say

I like this great flirting

>she will laugh, grab her close
>to you, look @ her right eys,
>look @ her lips and if she has
>the ddb look, KISS HER!

If you get the vibe she wants you to kiss her go with that.


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