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mASF post by InnerCalm

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mASF post by "InnerCalm"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2004

On 8/21/04 5:58:00 PM, dahunter wrote:
>A few revelations i had
>Good things come for those who
>Stay practicing, focus, work
>on yourself. There is no way
>you can´t become a Mpua if you
>practice every day and decide
>to never quit practice. Go
>out, have fun, and be like a
>pitbull, just hold on tight
>until you got this figured

Actually their are a few ways that you can't become a master pickup artistand
the number one way is, failure to master yourself.

To master PU or anything else, you have to be in complete control of yourself,
you have to be aware of your own weaknesses, and know how to strengthen and
overcome them.

>whenever there is a doubt,
>there is no doubt:
>Be certain that what you are
>doing is the best actin to
>take, learn to be 100%
>convinced of what you do .
>It´s a skill you can develop
>and it´s called Confidence.

Confidence in what you're doing is a good thing, but as I mentioned before, you
have to be aware of your weaknesses, and limitations, else you may become
disappointed in yourself or your outcome when things don't turn out the way you
really wanted them to.

Once that happens, the only way to turn it around is by recognizing why it
happened, and then take corrective action.

Learning to master self is a very fickle thing, because the more you believe in
yourself, the harder it is to change the things that need changing.

>The map is not the territory:

Not always.

>In your mind you may be a
>master but until you´ve had
>either a threesome, sex with
>different girls every day of
>one week, or can get laid on
>demand by the HOTTEST girls,
>you need more practice. The
>atittude is great, just know
>that you need to match your
>atittude with real live

It all depends on what you want, what you want to achieve, what you
realistically can achieve, and how determined you are to achieve it.

It's not where you want to go that matters, it's how you get there.

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