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Re: HELP! I am a noob, a virgin and am really confused

mASF post by pwrcatkstate

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Re: HELP! I am a noob, a virgin and am really confused
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mASF post by "pwrcatkstate"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, October 10, 2003

The reason that I'm answering this is because you were honest, in spite of
all of the enabling excuses. This post also reminded me of myself when I
found the Maniac PU site years ago and didn't start trying this stuff
earlier. You deserve DAFS responses at this point, but what the hell...

In truth I'm still speaking to myself in this writing, so if I'm way off
base and this is offensive then get over it. I do think that I'm dead on
this one though.

KGB wrote:
> I just turned 18. Still a virgin. Kissed only one girl at my b-day party 2
> years ago. That limits my sexual experiences. LOL

The ONLY person that this could matter to is YOU. The key is to quit
considering what other people think. Decide that it DOES NOT MATTER, because
it simply is very minor in an overall scope of life.

Granted, I've heard women make comments that they expect a man to know what
to do in bed, but that's TOTAL BS. The thing is that if you create the
confidence within yourself to be physically comfortable in approaching women
and everything else leading up to that point then it DOES NOT MATTER AT ALL.
That's what you need to do, is to become COMFORTABLE in being around and
interacting with women first. Think of it this way, if you end up having sex
with her then you're simply more fully relating to her as a MAN, not as a
socially bound little boy.

Granted, mommy and daddy might not be really cool in talking about the fact
that you want to have a sex life, but there's one thing about PU and life
that you havn't learned yet. It's about realizing your own desires and
carries far beyond the sphere of this little aspect with women. That desire
of yours to have an attractive woman is partially based on validation. You
want the world to know that you have something to offer because you were
able to capture the attention of a beautiful woman.

How about instead of doing that, you show that you truly ARE a worthwhile
person by finding something that you can put an effort into and in which you
can control. Because at this point if you were to find that woman and she
became interested in you, your NEED would likely push her away. So fill that
NEED for yourself, because a woman cannot do that for you. Sure, you might
think so at this point, but either you can take it from me or find out for
yourself that it dosn't. If you want to know about all of the other guys who
have tried that route, then look up the term ONEITIS here. When you know
what's going on, a woman will WANT to be a part of your life.

> I'm an analytical type and read tons of stuff about SS and pickup in
> Never applied this with girls though, but did a few approaches in friendly
> environments( a friend's party, when already hanging out together).

You think that being an alalytical type is a good trait, and so did I. A
reality that builds towards a desire is always better than an unrealized
perfect thought.

> I'm afraid of STDs

Why? I'm not joking with that one. You should be able to answer it, because
if not then it's simply an excuse.

Personally I have only one concern with STDs now. If I am able to develop PU
to the point where I can fulfill my own desires, then I don't want to spread
STDs to the women that I'm with. It's somewhat impractical, so I think that
the Riker's rule of no regrets has to be understood.

> I don't have a place to bring a girl to. I live with my parents and
> ALWAYS there, plus little brother...

Stop searching for excuses. Sure, think up ONE place that you could go if
you had to in a pinch. Hell, make it the library bathroom. You're in
college, she just might be willing to help you out on this point when you
figure out the basics.

> I want a good looking AND a smart girl in one package(read perfect). They
> rare. When I actually see one like that, I can't approach. When I actually
> approach, even though she's cute, she has no personality and is BORING.
> 10 mins, I can't fake interest anymore and she senses it and nothing

Let's just be honest here. You want a trophy, and at your age almost no
women with those sort of looks have the drive to go beyond that. The ones
who do will choose a man that they think has direction and promise. A boy
who is needy does not fit the bill. Sure you could get really lucky, but
that's not the premise behind SS. Change what you can about yourself and
begin interacting with women.

> I often attract them with looks, but then they lose interest cause I do
> things...

You're in a good postion. Looks are something that can't be bought and
neither can a healthy body. So if you don't have the second, you might want
to work on that.

Don't beat yourself up by making statements like "I do dumb things". What it
sounds like is that you're worried that you're going to say something wrong
and you're looking for advice on what to say. By worrying that you're going
to say something to turn her off you already have with your body language. A
MAN says what he wants to based on his own experience and interests. So, go
out and say whatever you decide to, then you'll have an idea of how women
will react. No one can advise you much on this topic. Personally my rude
uninhibited speech like in this reply works far better than when I used to
try to be nice.

> I don't wanna sarge at my uni, cause it's not a big one and the word
> fast. I don't wanna be an oddball.

NO ONE CARES... and usually the people who do have little going for them so
that's what they do, try to bring others down.

> I don't know where to start
> I know I seem really AFC, but I will put lots of effort into it. What
should I
> do?

BECOME SOCIAL that's your biggest advantage that will pass you by when
college is over. Every day opportunity is nearby for you. If you need to get
past the fear then get out and away from everyone that you know for a few
hours by yourself one day and start approaching people that you don't know.
In the past few months there have been some good newbie missions in general
so DAFS.

You would be a MPUA if you put your mind to this in the same way that you've
done with the excuses. Go read Gunwitch Method 2 in advanced. Maybe get
ahold of some NLP or something like "The Power of Your Subconcious Mind" by
Joseph Murphy and start making positive statements. Put your mind and
actions to use in a practical way.


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