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Margin of Error Exaggerated?

mASF post by Jestor111

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Margin of Error Exaggerated?
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mASF post by "Jestor111"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, October 10, 2003

On 10/6/03 12:59:00 AM, Pheromone wrote:
>On 10/5/03 9:56:00 PM, Jestor111 wrote:
>>Reading all this stuff,
>>especially from the top
>>posters I really have to
>>wonder how the hell normal
>>guys (AFC's) get laid, EVER!!
>>I mean, one slip in one of the
>>25 body language criteria and
>>you're toast right? Fail one
>>shit test and you're out
>>right? Show ONE instance
>>where you, even temporarily,
>>submit to her frame and you're
>>blown out COMPLETELY. Good
>>grief, if this were true NO
>>ONE would ever get laid!!
>I think that what a lot of the GOOD PUAs
>have is arrogance. I think that you
>need more than a little, but not a lot.
>This is why mPUA are always saying "no,
>that's wrong" and such. I personally
>like giving my "best" answer, b/c i know
>that it very well could be changed next

I think sometimes we are over-complicating the way the girl thinks when in
reality her thinking isn't necessarily complex, just different. And this can
vary from girl to girl. You always want to simplify it. Like general truths
and principles rather than case by case by case analysis. Although this can be
helpful sometimes.

>>I'm thinking it's like points.
>>Some things you do can lose
>>you points while other things
>>you do can buy you points.
>>IMO it depends on where her
>>interest level is in you at
>>any point in time. And the
>>higher it is the more you can
>>get away with mistake-wise.
>>And the lower it is the less
>>you can get away with
>>mistake-wise. Once it drops
>>below a certain level (50%)
>>you're basically out.
>>Let's say she has 80% interest
>>level in you. You supplicate
>>once or twice badly, it drops
>>to 60%. But let's say then
>>that you do something ballsy
>>and alpha, then her interest
>>in you goes back up to 80%.
>>For those of you who read Doc
>>Love's stuff he says this same
>>basic thing. And I strongly
>>believe him in this regard.
>I remember i was constantly wondering if
>"The System" was any good - I always
>wanted to give it a flick through due to
>advertisements and such....Did you like

I thought it was really good the first time I read it. Then I started ASF and
I began to question a lot of "The System" and now I've come full circle on a
few things and I realize his "interest level" theory, among other things, is
very sound. It basically puts things on a relative scale. Like a fuck up with
a girl with 55% interest level is much more costly than a fuck up with a girl
with 80% interest level. It's largely relative, rather than absolute which is
what is often preached here.

>>I do think that for the hotter
>>HB's this margin of error
>>becomes smaller.
>Agree, or girls that are HSE and "think"
>that they are hot

You do need a tighter game for HB's, especially in presence of their bitch

>>And for the
>>cases where you are good
>>looking you can get away with
>>more mistakes.
>Good looking, OR more attractive
>personality (some may call it more

Right, if a girl likes a guy enough she will be much more forgiving of a fuck
up than with a guy she doesn't care too much about.

>>Consider this: You can always
>>win points back with a chick
>>provided you don't get to the
>>point where the number of
>>points you lost is SO great
>>that her interest level in you
>>drops below 50% which is (by
>>definition) the critical
>>MINIMUM interest level for her
>>to still have attraction for
>>you. So if you're at 55% you
>>can always go back up to 80%.
>>Loss of points is accumulative
>>but so is the gain of points
>>(as long as her interest level
>>in you is still above 50%
>>AFTER the fuck up(s)).
>>We just need to keep
>>perspective here otherwise the
>>whole process becomes TOO DAMN
>>complex and un-necessarily so.
>True, many overcomplicate the process.
>>Ideally we should never do
>>things which will lose us
>>points. We should always be
>>in control and not supplicate.
>>But in reality, unless you're
>>very good, this is seldom the
>I found that i like it more passing only
>certain shit-tests. I've already proven
>to myself that i could pass them all,
>but i found that i didn't like that.

Right, you can pass shit tests in your mind but were they shit tests in her
mind. If you're always struggling to keep control and *never* ever do
something which can be considered weak you can come across as an insecure man.

>>Keep in mind that a fuck up is
>>not necessarily the end of the
>>seduction. It can be, if bad
>>enough, but not necessarily,
>>and also it depends on where
>>her interest level in you is
>>originally and on your ability
>>to recover.
>>That said, the beginning of
>>the sarge is the most
>>CRITICAL, since this is where
>>(typically) the HB's interest
>>in you is around 50% (neutral)
>>by default and you have to do
>>an abundance of positive
>>things to get her interest up,
>>and if you fuck up initially
>>and it drops below 50% then
>>you're blown out. But once it
>>gets up there then one or two
>>fuck ups aren't necessarily
>>the end of the seduction.
>True, you should pass most of her first

Because you're so close to that 50%, usually.

>>And the hotter the HB the
>>harder to raise her interest
>>and the easier to fuck up,
>>I just can't believe chicks
>>are such unforgiving cunts as
>>some posters would have us
>>believe. In fact, it is NOT
>>the case. And the belief that
>>it is places SO much pressure
>>on guys, especially newbies.
>Ok, let me clarify here.
>Girls are totally different around
>different guys. They can be
>"unforgiving cunts" to newbs and then be
>"the friendliest girl you've ever met"
>with a PUA. And this can happen within
>seconds - ie. AFC approaches and HB gets
>pissed and rejects him...then PUA
>approaches and she's really happy that
>he's gracing her with his presence.
>First starting out, i ran into a lot of
>girls that were very mean, but NOW -
>it's quite rediculous. I'm starting to
>try to find girls that are closed up and
>work them into liking me--->juggler
>suggests it b/c it's great practice and
>rightfully so.
>>Also, the knowledge that you
>>fucked up can trigger negative
>>emotions/response such that
>>you fuck up even more in an
>>effort to compensate (fix it).
>It all depends on your mindset. You can
>look at a C&B as a bad thing or a great
>>Furthermore, this can lead to
>>a loss of CONGRUENCE - one of
>>the biggest fuck ups of all.
>>Therefore, it's best to just
>>remain calm and continue
>>forwards, unaffected by your
>Congruency IS very important, BUT it IS
>good to try out new techniques that
>might be close to your personality type.
>The other day my bro was talking about
>how psychologists labeled that there
>were 2 types of people in the world.
>The ones that make things happen, and
>the ones that watch them happen. (my
>mom has made a joke about that, but it
>is a different story)...i just responded
>with "you mean alphas and betas?......"
>bro: "....yeah, LOL"
>So my suggestion is to expand your
>technique base and through doing so, you
>will find the better answer (the best
>method/style that works for you). If
>you read about a technique that you
>think you can pull off, but it is not
>from your original personality, try it
>out. Change your personality into
>something amazing.
>>The basic idea is to run game
>>such that your positives are
>>MAXIMIZED and your fuck-ups
>>MINIMIZED. All the while NOT
>>letting your mistakes get to
>Yes, more alpha traits than beta traits.
>>This should give some clearer
>I like the post. Comments?

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