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mASF post by MantaRay

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mASF post by "MantaRay"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2002

On 7/13/02 3:42:49 AM, Maddash wrote:
>Everything comes and goes in
>cycles. I started off here in
>March focusing
>on techniques, then got bored
>with the 7's and had to work
>on changing my
>attitude again. Soon after I
>adjusted my attitude for the
>9's and 10's, but
>then got bored of them.
>Nothing a trip to LA with
>Style didn't cure. Now
>I'm getting bored with women
>again. My bar is very, very
>high these days.
>C'mon boys, is this
>motivated-boredom cycle going
>to keep repeating forever?
>There has to be an mPUA
>lurking out there somewhere
>who has some insight!

The reason you are bored is because you have achieved your purpose in
seduction. Goal has been accomplished, achieving the same goal over and over
again is boring right? Your current purpose no longer inspires you. One way
to get motivated again is to find a new purpose, one that really inspires you.

What if you were to find your Inner Truth? Deep down discover who you really
are and then share it with a HB who understands you on a deep level, someone
who is grateful to be with you, someone you have something in common with,
someone you have chemistry with, someone who makes you sizzle, someone who puts
a spark in your eye and smiles on your face, someone ...


See my response to your one-itis-post.


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