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Re: attitude

mASF post by 4Running

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Re: attitude
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mASF post by "4Running"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2002

Dude are you talking shit about sci.computers.linux? Listen motherfucker,
I'll hack into your fucking machine and give you a virus that'll go straight
up your ass. Real crazy shit. Like, your floppy and CD-ROM drives will be
opening and closing fast, and your monitor will flash on and off. And then
guess what? No more mASF for you. Speaking of attitude, I'm the most alpha
computer nerd you'll ever meet. Beeeyatch!


<Bad Form> wrote in message news:[email protected]
> Sure it's going to keep repeating forever.
> I get that all the time. I've been through about 4-5 major on/off cycles
> I started ASFing back in '96. Generally the more I'm active with chicks,
> LESS I post. I'm in an 'interest slump' right now and have been here for
> than a year.
> Don't know how to help you. I think it's normal and natural for your
> to wax and wane. You get interested in something, learn all the shit you
> about it, learn how to do it well and understand it, then you realize you
> progress any further along those lines so you forget about it for awhile,
> come back to it when another area of your life has opened up some other
> of it.
> For whatever reason, you're into chicks. You're not posting on
> or sci.computers.linux. So your interest will always be in chicks to some
> degree. Nothing wrong with being bored with them for awhile, just get
> interested in something else that makes your monkey jump.
> B
> On 7/13/02 3:42:49 AM, Maddash wrote:
> >C'mon boys, is this
> >motivated-boredom cycle going
> >to keep repeating forever?
> >There has to be an mPUA
> >lurking out there somewhere
> >who has some insight!
> >

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