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Field Report: Wednesday London Update.. PUA Kryptonite..

mASF post by SmoothGuy69

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Field Report: Wednesday London Update.. PUA Kryptonite..
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mASF post by "SmoothGuy69"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

906pm - Thinking of going a bit manic crazy a la Jlaix

Persistence and ignoring all shit tests and marriage props and dropping names
of songs etc by txt..

you're out of touch, i'm out of time.

Having fun with it and getting on with my mad frame.

Jlaix and I have some things in common sometimes, I've been called the Mad
Scientist. It's all good.

UPDATE: Thursday 21stJuly2005. 2029pm

OK Guys, over to you. Passing this issue over to the community. She's hung
herself this time. Give it everything we've got. Enter HBMODEL, adopted,
issues with her mother, overprotective father, overbearing stepmother stage
school style mother. Gets validation from her daughter by not rewarding
nething she achieves.

The girl loves me yet shows borderline behavior, has run away to cabs, calling
and putting phone down today, attention seeking stuff, I am not playing the
games anymore. It ends here. She's just acting like idiot. Fake. The shit
doesn't work with me. I think about the shit tests, best way is to act like
the cool guy and she doesn't bother me. She's testing to see if I am strong
man and if I will break.. so therefore?

we think it's cute how u're teasing like that,i'm in your mind,u kinda
insecure.. but after the bomb scare thing, ur coming off creepy.E!

This shit has been going on for too long now. What do you guys suggest? I
want to break this. She's been proposing marriage etc last night, just crazy
bitch. What do you guys think? I want some real mind shit, the works,
whatever you have.

UPDATE: Thursday 21stJuly2005. 1708pm

Been to the Bank, done some stuff. HBModel calls me at 16:16pm. Back to her
usual tricks again. Couple of rings and then nothing. Or I may have cut her
off, I don't know. I called once earlier, then left msg to see if she was ok.
I guess I got my answer. I am off now to focus on my other girls.



SmoothDate: 21stJuly 2005 1448pm

Not good. Not good at all. Arranged to meet HBModel. Now the PHONE NETWORK
IS DOWN, LONDON'S BEEN BOMBED AGAIN and things are UP IN THE AIR. I don't know
if she's okay or not. I am thinking of getting out of London yet my pride for
my birthtown makes me want to stay. Again, cheating fate, I was just down the
road from Warren Street. I don't know if she's okay or not. She didn't turn
up on time but what else is new. We shall see what happens. Everyone is
getting on with their lives as usual. We shall not be beaten. Again, my
thoughts go out to all of you in London that may be wondering if your loved
ones are ok. I am in the same situation as you can foresee. I am going to get
on with the rest of my day which consists of business as usual, I have to go to
the bank and go crazy over hotties of which there are too many. I am fucking
sick of this bomb shit. Laters guys.

Off the fone to HBModel, a very high value shit testing whore. Oh, and I love
her. I videoed the whole conversation, another thing I will be putting up in
the vids section of my site. You can see how I handle trouble like this. I
have to put some money in the bank, then I am going to meet her. Wish me luck.
She proposed last night. Furthermore, she thinks that there is no more to be
done, we have been spiteful to each other. Sounds like she has got over me
showing her a better looking girl in her email and being spiteful, tastes of
her own medicine. Well I am going to see her. Will report back, obviously
this is a huge deal to me. This might be the mother of my children. I do love
the ass off her and not afraid to tell the world. Laters guys.

1pm THURSDAY - my hands are shaking as I write this, like I said, she's my PUA
Kryptonite. she's just called. I didin't answer it properly. Yes, she gets
to me. I am going to say to her "I can't take this any more. The game is up.
I am not fooling around with you anymore". I tried to start the digicam up and
I missed her call. I think she might have booty called the Muso and she's
calling me after leaving there, prolly with a dramatic state change - a "I have
things to do, cold icyness on him".

I am sure that this HBModel bitch can smell when my vibe is up. I went out
after some work it must have been like 1am when I hit town. I was on MAJOR
HIGH. Certain things in my head, all ready and primed. I know my worth and I
am ready with the skills. I decide to try some interesting insinuations and
very direct game where I pace a girl thru meeting someone in 3rd person then
switch when ready. Let's PLAY. Ready to really push through to the fuck close
wherever and whenever.

I fall asleep on way to town on train, really stretch out on the seats with
feet up. Get off and go to night bus. A polish girl gets on, tools me for
having my feet on seat. First I take them off. When she gives me attitude, I
tool her savagely for having arms crossed, pattern her some horrible stuff and
diss the fuck out of her for being a bitch and never to tell me what to do
again. I put my feet back up defiantly. She smiles slightly. She's loving
it. I get off around Trafalgar this is my MO..

I go see my friends in town, nightclub people, having a geat time, the model
calls me!!!! I am shocked but I get into it bigtime, I really make the most of
it, I am working this girl out on the square, move her away from a drunk saying
it's my wife etc, she fucking loves me, I will fuck close her no problem. I am
having real fun out there, this HBModel gives me such energy. I told her, wow
I really love you man, I hit your pussy and I have all this energy, I feel
great! She's on the fone saying she wants us both to have sex, she wants to go
to Vegas and get married. All of which is prolly bullshit. Cry wolf baby. I
can't trust you no' mo' even if she has been more str8 talking but I sent her
a tx saying truce, no more spite and fighting. Lots of this goes on. Good
points are that she starts telling me about this guy, he said "if you want to
come over to chat then fuck off, if you want to do something more then come
over". I said "well what do you expect, you create these fuckbuddy type things
with people". Then I said, "go see him, he's suuuch a nice guy". She hates
this. It REALLY works well on her. I proof myself up by giving fone to
different girls and guys. Tool her to get the fuck off my fone. I have vid of
it, you can see it sometime.


Two Canadians, easily tooled, I go after a girl but she turns out to be hooker
and she's going into an appt. Then 2 set of CAs come along. I tell them
they're American, they're all the same, loud and obnoxious. This gets them
riled up nicely then I befriend them, they're so pissed. Staying at Sheraton
Park Lane. My friend a taxi driver comes along i make sure they get in with
him. I get in the cab assuming fuck close. It works great. She's got her
hand on my knee. We're moving forward. They light up cigs and I get pissed
off about it and jump out. I hate cigs.

It reminds me that I really should vid all this shit. That was pretty slick
stuff there.

Got a tx from HBPolish, the girl I fucked it up with, I see her ALL THE TIME in
town when I am with other girls, this was stupid last night,

I get this tx. She's been trying to get in touch. I didn't know this when I
saw her. I was still tentatively thinking about meeting the model bitch. To
recap, we've been tooling each other big time over a period of months. She's
telling me she loves me, been calling for an hour, repeatedly, I am giving the
fone to girls, other people and she's getting shamed, sworn at in various
languages the usual smooth treatment when a hoe disrespects me. I tool her
savagely and hang up several times. She tells me she loves me and she wants to
go to Vegas and get married. Whatever. Cry wolf baby. I set up a meet at
2:30am which I don't turn up to. To put two and two together..

She said she was in Gloucester Square. Then she was suddenly in North London.

She called at 2:30am to find out if I had turned up. I think she may have
turned up herself. I didn't turn up. We play these games with each other when
why? People aren't all like that. They decide to get together and they get
together and have a life. Or they don't


SENT: 1706PM, I only recieved around 4am cuz my tx messages always fill up so
Hi I'm wondering how you're doing today. I'm off so I'd e hanging out with my
friends around the West End, so we'd probably bump into each other anyway.

The HBPolish saw me with a girl I hadn't seen in AGES, another Scottish girl,
she's GREAT FUN but I am not really attracted but she has great personality. I
hug the shit out of her and the Pole sees me from the queue of the 24hr shop.
Fucking fun eh?

I can't hide the fact I am a player.

Moving on, to the night bus. I will declare full feelings to this new girl,
may I present to mASF:

*drum roll*



I meet this girl on the bus, she's HB-Philosophy. Really fucking nice. Curvy
figure, wearing one of those nightdress style tops that I really dig.

She currently thinks that I am married with one child. I wear a wedding ring
at the moment. Interesting to see how the chicks coo over it. Social proof.
Trust me they treat you in a different way.

HBNightclub said she'd call later on with options of a place where we can both
stay. She didn't get back in touch. NEXT.

The scottish girl I ran into.. in a nice part of London.. she's offering
something up.

Phone closed a guy in a male two set afterwards, just on vibe, we carried on
when they got off. One of them is a rugby toff with servants, might be good
for a party or two. Networking etc.


I would like to marry that fucker and go to Vegas. Get a prenup then
annullment. I would like to have fun there. I dearly wanted to meet her. I
don't know if she did turn up. I doubt it. She DID want the booty call. Who
fucking knows. I was dissapointed tho. This girl is my PUA KRYPTONITE. I
hang my head guys. The good thing is that every time she calls, I get stronger
at tooling her. More inventive. STRONGER. She calls me her cub.
Unconditional love. She tries it on. But she's a female player. Can't be
trusted. Can't be let in any more. I savagely NEXT HER.

in a MAD CITY full of fucking wierds and selfish fucks. I wish it could be
different. This stings. I feel the burn. I wish we could be together. She's
the only bitch I have ever cared a fuck about. We do this to each other. It's
part of Seduction, but what's the ending? I want to flick to the end of the
novel to find out, but I can't. For the first time in a LONG TIME. I feel
helpless and down. Such a dramatic high and low tonight. What's your opinions


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