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Re: Pink shirts? Great Peacocking Outing Report tool alert

mASF post by SbC99

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Re: Pink shirts? Great Peacocking Outing Report tool alert
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mASF post by "SbC99"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

Everyone wears pink now.
Would not wear it myself even if they paid me.

<Agrisafi1> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
>I have been wearing pink since a year before it started to catch on in my
> (5 yrs ago). It was IN 3 years ago, and tapered off this summer season...
> more
> traditional white and blue combinations seem to be taking the place of the
> Colored (often pink) polo/dressshirt.
> Personally... most men wear the WRONG shade of pink. There are two shades
> that
> look good: flesh, which is a powdery pink that is very close to white;
> and
> florescent, which picks up a black light.
> The flesh pink dress shirt is actually a conservative color, sold even on
> two
> tone french cuff styled shirts. It yields a handsome, clean cut look that
> should be worn only in dressier styles (classic cut polos and dress
> shirts).
> The florescent pink is wild. I own one article of clothing that
> incorporates
> it: a black long sleeve shirt with a shinny finish... the front is
> actually
> MESH with the bright pink printed in tropical flower patterns
> underneath... the
> shit IS peacocking, even in a club full of pink-toting fratboys.
> Peacocking has nothing to do with color, in my eyes. It has to do with
> youre
> presentation... in scruffy/sketchy bars if you wear slacks, a dress shirt,
> and
> a softjacket you will get PLENTY of attension. In an upscale bar if you
> walk
> in wearing a pirate costume you will get plenty of attension. Everyone
> has
> accepted the color pink, its lost its shockvalue.

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