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mASF post by SmoothGuy69

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mASF post by "SmoothGuy69"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2005

Great points raised here. Sure to help guys out a lot.

I have done the same thing, I went out and just negged the ass off everyone.
Every little part of the sarge, rehearsed and made more fluid, stronger,
smoother in set. Rapport, even opening with it. Encourages experimentation and
solid improvisation. After doing this stuff a few thousand times, you can
really start to enjoy your skills because you have pushed them naturally and to
the max.

'Sharpening up' the skillset. Really, I don't need all of the techs in set, I
would say rapport is most important to me, along with my own state control and
calibration. Others have seen me doing this and have thought I was crazy.
Purposefully pushing peoples buttons and learning from it. But really, I may
have written this before in a FR or something but to have a good strong
emotional range is what I seek and I will trade that for a few conquests. Guys
should care more about themselves, their pick up skills than a particular chick
that they are trying to sarge. It sounds callous but it's true that during the
development of a PUA persona, strength and discipline is needed.

I myself have seen such a range of emotions that you do start to notice
patterns, especially when you flow in set a lot more. The instincts flag up
certain things about a person and it does make for a great level of calibration
and emotional intelligence.

This alone can get IOIs and lays just by virtue of the guy being unique to the

I am pretty sure that there are other guys out there that will have wanted to
carry on sarging, instead of closing the girl they have right there and then.
That's the lust for the psychology and these skills can grow and flourish in
amazing ways and into different territories of your lifestyle, to the point
where it's quite overwhelming.

Before you go out tonight, decide what you're going out FOR and stick to your


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