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Field Report: Walking the streets

mASF post by So_Cute

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Field Report: Walking the streets
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mASF post by "So_Cute"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Went out sarging last night but I was DRUNK. To start off, I tried to open 3
moving sets and got blown out. One set even started walking away in the middle
of my opener lol. I find blow outs like that extremely hilarious for some

Best set I did lasted about 40 minutes. I open a 2-set walking in the same
direction. I think moving sets are easy as long as they are moving in the same
direction as you. Anyway, they are 35 and 32. I choose my target, HB32. I'm 21
btw. So, I am dropping the usual routines going through A2. They are asking me
all sorts of questions... name, age, where I'm from etc. When women turn into
AFC's, they are interested. I write my name on targets palm. This is good
because I can use this later when I'm baiting her to qualify herself so I can
read palm. I tell them, "You don't know who I am, do you?". This gets their BT
UP as they try to figure out who I am but I never tell them.

Anyway, I move through A2 and now it's time to qualify my 32 year old HB. I run
Cool/Weird as a transition to A3. I bait her with a palm read and make her
qualify herself, which she does for about 5 minutes. Standard validation plus
bait hook release. I do the trust test, amping the kino up. Her friend makes an
excuse to leave but HB32 doesn't want to leave so her friend says, "I'll see
you tomorrow" and walks away... cool. The friend didn't cockblock me because I
had befriended her.

I turn her around so I'm over her shoulder reading her palm and deliver my palm
read along with the patterns. She is entranced. She totally leans back into me.
Remember, we are doing this on the street so lots of guys and girls are walking
past saying, "just KISS for fuck sake!!!" lol, so I finish up the palm read and
do Strawberry fields for shits and giggles. Then I do a kiss close I learned
from Razorjack. It's a little bit like Styles EV Kiss close.

So we make out and she tells me she has to go. She says she only lives up the
road, an invitation? I ask her where but it turns out she lives pretty far away
and I have to get home tonight. I number close and it's a SOLID number because
she makes me ring her. But I DON'T time bridge, rather I just tell her I'll be
here tomorrow. Whatever.

So I walk back to the bus stop and see a two set of HB9 and HB7. Open them
easily. Again, they are moving in the same direction as me. Eventually I get
them to stop so I can give them the best friends test which I do. I only do a
little bit more attract and promptly go for A3 but I'm blown out. It's weird
because it looked like the girls were attracted, but they weren't attracted
enough to take my bait.

I looked for a few more sets to open but I just wasn't in the mood for some
reason. I get really bored by this stage and go home. I was by myself. Perhaps
if I had a wing I wouldn't have went home.

Well a solid number and kiss close isn't bad though.

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