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My direct game

mASF post by Moonwalker

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My direct game
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mASF post by "Moonwalker"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2005

I have heard the similar talk come like paraiso's out of so many parrot mouths
already. Guys have have visisted croatian workshop. before they were pussies.
And 2 days later after taking the workshop they are yelling now at everybody
with bigmouths making fool of themselves.

Now This the advanced section. When we discuss things here, we presuppose that
you already are alpha and have innergame thight at least to a certain amount.

And i whish to continu discussing on-topic now.

In this thread we are dicussing differences between direct and indirect,
starting with the opener. This is why I described my way; my way of direct
opening to you guys. This is why and asked you in polite way to awnser and
elaborate about it. Eleborate about wether my style is similar to the direct
style that is widely know here. This is were people were wondering about.

It is an interesting question to me too. Becuase you seeb i have always seduced
girls in my own natural way; a very intuitive and i am not good at routines.
Whenever i tried them i mostly felt like I was being not genuine. I think it
never helped me a lot. But you know sometimes when you get laid you don't why,
you did a lot of things and you have to think deeply and sometimes you think
hey i did this, so i do it again, and find that it evoked totally different

I would like to get better with routines becayse i like to get better at and
trying everything that is new to me. I would like to be able to entertain a
group of people in ways that heard about mystery for example. This sounds like
an intersting guy.

But untill now when i start getting the lays is when i stop routines and go my
own (direct) style. Now i try to figure out how it works and why it works
better so i can understand it better.

Now please reread my former post and give some insightful social intelligent
and response that has actual CONTENT. please!

What shark is saying about you having to "ride the fascination" that you evoke
in the girl might sound a bit vague and poetic. But it actually makes sense to
me. What recogise is, that when you adress a girl so directly, she will be
TRANCED and like you can almost FEEL her shivering. So i guess my style of
opening is quite similar to that of shark.

Now i would like to improve my style and get it even better. I want to
understand exactly how everything works. And this has to do with follow up. To
me sometimes i still don't understand.

Even though a girl is tranced, she will, with me, OFTEN fall back into society
imposed patterns. She might start making up excuses or rationalisations to make
the attraction and special feeling go away. Lots of times i will treat this
like shit test and just haver stronger frame. This is very indirect frame but
it seems to help. This is what made wonder about the similarities of direct and
indirect followup-game. I incoporated these some of these indirect "tricks"
that i read from asf and other lounges since a couple of years in my direct
game and lots of times it seems to dovetail quite nicely in my style. If direct
and indirect are so completly differnt, then tell me how can this be explained?

With my game it is like this: i always game in similar way and sometimes it
will go right i get the chick, and other times she will go testing me heavily
or cockblocks will get in the way, dragging me away (i had 3 guys dragging me
away recently). Whatever. lots of society and ASD related reasons that could
get in the way. Sometimes i pass, but still lots of times i don't. I want total

Usuualy when it goes right, is when the cockblocks will give up and leave after
me gaming with my girl for some time and then i kiss her.

I wonder if you people are able to share with me, your view on the difference
between indirect and direct FOLLOWUPGAME, and i mean especially on the subject

1. isolating
2. ASD
3. cockblocking
4. shittesting

I will be friendly and thankful towards your responses. (if they have actual


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