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Metaphysical Attraction?

mASF post by OceanEyes

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Metaphysical Attraction?
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mASF post by "OceanEyes"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

Yeah yeah yeah... whatever works for you, man.

I am here on mASF precisely because I am sick
and goddamn tired of women falling in love with
me. No shit. Last year I wouldn't even fuck
4 women because I just knew where that was going
to lead. At the moment, I am talking quite a bit
of game to my current LTR, including how I am
binding her to me sexually and emotionally. She
talked a bunch about being "addicted" to me, and
"what are you doing to me?" etc etc etc. She
isn't saying that stuff to me anymore, although
the sex is getting better and better anyway.
And dammit, she seems to be falling in love anyway,
even though she knows I am studying pickup with
local playboys and pickup_artists/">pickup artists!

My basic dislike of your kind of game is that I
am very empathetic, and get too emotionally
entangled, too fast. Making a woman fall in love
with me, then telling her later to shove off
is beyond my current emotional capacity. Just
don't seem to be wired that way.

Sacramento, if I recall... I bet my LTR knows
women who know you, or know of you, or will
at some point in the future. She is a
sac chick in your target range.


I get the WOMEN. --- Design

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