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Re: PUA Burnout - Advice..?

mASF post by Dimitri

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Re: PUA Burnout - Advice..?
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mASF post by "Dimitri"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Smooth, I feel your pain, man.

My advice:

Get a good, loyal girl that is not taxing to keep up with. My ideal for this
type of girl is a girl who is hard-working and spends a lot of time either
getting a college degree or working, has a lot of friends but doesn't stay out
late, is very intelligent but speaks only basic English (so, foreign), is
low-maintenace, has a nice place you can over to, doesn't demand to see your
place or quantify the relationship, and is very giving and loving and

In short, I just broke down the necessary qualifications for the "mistress"
role in my rotation. Girls like this can be hard to find, but if you're out as
much as you're repping, I'm sure you'll find some good canidates.

Anyway, these girls are great. They'll literally rejuvenate you. My mistress
was absolutely the most amazing woman. I'd go over to her place, she'd get me
some fruit and tea, rub my back, give me a blowjob, we'd make love, relax in
bed for a while, then cuddle and fall asleep together.

In the morning, I'd feel ready to take on the day. It also did wonders for my
ability to lay girls. I still was rating girls back when I had my mistress, and
I remember I had rated her a solid "9". So when a "7" was giving me attitude, I
was just thinking "fuck this chica, either way I'm getting mine tonight - and
if you don't make the cut, it's with a girl hotter than you". Did wonders for
my nonchalance and indifference to outcome.

On 7/13/05 5:00:00 AM, SmoothGuy69 wrote:
>Hey guys, I am addicted.
>Obsessed. I wish girls would
>blow my ass out so I could get
>some sleep.
>I sarged and fucked another
>chick last night and haven't
> jesus fucking tired as hell.
> london is killing me
><G-Man> why wat you been up to
> just mASF'ing
> writing a few posts
> u?
>Now it's 10am and I will grab
>around 3hrs today and that
>about it. Then I'll do it all
>again. London's killing me.
> i dont know when to stop
>You guys got ne ideas on how
>to add some structure to a PUA
>I know that women are my
>weakness. Yet I can't slow
>It's like knowing being fat,
>knowing burgers are bad for
>you but still eating 100 a
>day. I love this game but I
>am starting to feel tired,
>used and like a performance
>piece. Hmm, another stunna
>just came in the Internet
>Cafe, BRB!

Grandmaster Dimitri, Swashbuckling Pick-Up Artist-The World's Finest

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