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direct, indirect, and the first impression

mASF post by Paraiso

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direct, indirect, and the first impression
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mASF post by "Paraiso"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/8/05 6:12:00 AM, TylerDurden wrote:
>As for first impressions, I
>personally think indirect
>openers make you stand out
>from the eighteen zillion
>other guys who approached
>directly. FROM AN
>know this sounds fucked up,
>but it is actually a belief
>that once you examine you will
>see permeating throughout
>society. My girlfriend is
>approached continually
>throughout the week, and has
>autopilot responses to ignore
>guys who approach directly or
>to be really polite and walk
>off. That said, when done
>correctly, you can stand out
>by your vibe. You don't have
>to have a "stand out" opener.
>But it certainly doesn't HURT

Come on man you can't compare some chump on the street who goes up to your girl
and is all brave and shit to some guy who opens her smoothly. If your girl got
opened right, then you would be girlfriend less. Funny you mention that thing
about distinguishing yourself from the eight zillion people by opening
indirect, because most of the people that I see approach usually do some
indirect pussy shit that gets them blown out to pluto. Or they try to be witty
and make jokes or whatever. I rarely see any guys open girls directly and have
good body language to match. They're usually so scared that they commit all of
the body language mistakes even a rookie on here wouldn't commit.

>I actually may be more direct
>than anyone in the community -
>anyone who disagrees please
>call me on it. I'm often
>making out with girls within
>minutes. I trance the girls
>the fuck out, so they can't
>think. If I try to logically
>engage them with stuff like "I
>want to talk to you" then they
>are allowed to think. Of
>course, I can still get
>through all that and love to
>play around with all styles of
>game to amuse myself. But if
>I see Brooke Burke when I'm
>out, I'm not fucking around -
>I'm pulling out the stuff I
>know works.

Never seen you in person so I can't tell wether you're direct or not. If
you're the most direct person on here then why do you teach indirect? From
people that I've met that have worked with you they tell me that they learn a
lot of material and they learn indirect.

>Anyway, I get bored having
>this debate with guys who I
>would smoke in field using my
>style or THEIRS. If guys want
>to argue this shit, instead of
>wasting time on the internet,
>let's hook up in real life and

Find someone to run my business and then we'll talk.

If I had commercial interests in seduction then that would be a challenge I
would accept. I don't sell anything and don't teach anything so what would I
get out of hooking up with you and going out? From the way you write you seem
arrogant as hell. Why would I want to hang with a dude like that? Only thing
that would happen is we would probably end up getting into a fight or
something. I don't know I have low tolerance for people that think they're the

Why are you so sure of yourself? I don't give a crap what other people have
said about you wether good or bad so I won't judge you, but you make it sound
as if you're the best pick up artist in the world and no one comes even close
to you. This shit is not so hard after all but you seem to take it so
seriously. Get over yourself dude. People come on here to discuss PU and give
their opinions so chill the fuck out.


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