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mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005


If you want to be in shape, fit and toned then you must pay the price of
lowering your caloric intake and increasing your exercise regime.

If you want to be rich, then you gotta work harder, longer and smarter. You
don’t have time to waste wacking off on the internet all day, playing video
games or any games for that matter.

If your looking for more success in your life, then you must pay the price.
Even when you don’t want anything in life there is still a price to pay. Yeah
that right. You will pay in being poor, bored and boring, being ordinary,
having women leave you because your going no where in life, apathy and a host
of other things.

In this life we pay a price for everything! By sitting at home when you could
have been out meeting new and exciting people or women you pay the price of
loneliness and boredom.

By not stepping over and opening a girl whom you find attractive you pay a deep
emotional pain of feeling like a loser. Every time you walk away when you know
you should of opened a girl you further anchor the idea of being a loser into
your subconscious mind.

When you could of taken the risk and walked over and now be enjoying her
company right now!

To get women you have to be willing to pay the price. Sitting there doing
nothing your already paying a hefty price. Compare the price of having to wack
off, being alone yet once again, the continual abuse on your self esteem versus
the risk of walking over and holding a conversation with a pretty girl.

To get good at getting women you have to pay your dues. Does that mean
practice, practice, practice? NO! It means do, do, DO!

You don’t approach the game half assed or half heartedly with the excuse that
you were only practicing. Hell NO! Each attempt should be given 100% of your
Pick Up Artists Brain.

I hate reading those lame cop out posts where the lamer says he was not feeling
well or feeling down and was only out for kicks and practice, but not really
trying. Two words. COP OUT!

How dare those lamers post bull shit like that! Loser shit only creates more
of the same. Doubt me then go to for proof.

Pay your dues or should I say pay your “do’s”, by doing!

Do read constantly on techniques and such.
Do work on your inner game» and self esteem at all times.
Do take this game serious as a heart attack.
Do date lots of women because:

“When you date only a few women you will fall prey to misconceptions and bitter
downward spirals of attitudes which will block your ability to meet other
women. When you date a lot of women you have the ability to learn more about
what does and doesn’t work for you. You have the option of finding those
traits that you desire vs those that don’t work for you. Thereby you learn to
take control of your whole dating life.”

-Carlos Xumas (The Dating Black Book)


Do post your successes and not your failures. Failures only teach others how
to fail. I learned this lesson years ago in real pain. As a fitness
instructor I knew better than to show what not to do in a class room, but one
day I showed an exercise and how I didn’t want it done. My left knee popped
and I’ve been in pain for over 10 years from this stupidity.

“Knowledge is not enough, we must apply, Willing is not enough we must do”

Bruce Lee

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