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Thoughts on Pleasure and Joy

mASF post by GoneSavage

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Thoughts on Pleasure and Joy
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mASF post by "GoneSavage"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

5/14. I’m out of “field” today. Purposefully. Relaxing and reviewing. Getting
introspective. Studying. Thinking about where I want to take this game, this
tour, and my life.

I met a great girl a couple days ago. I’m sharing the weekend with her. She’s
beautiful. She’s got a high-self-esteem. She’s ambitious, intelligent, and
driven. She’s affectionate, playful, and giving. A great hostess with a great
outlook on life. She’s adventurous. We’re going camping!

Some guys have already expressed to me that they can’t believe I pull chicks
and I sleep in a van! And here is a girl that has known me for the blink of an
eye and wants to hit the road with me! (Actually, a few other girls have
expressed the same desire.) But this one I am going to take on a memorable
little journey (for a day) – maybe she will recoil and retreat to the
hustle-n-bustle of her daily grind. Maybe she will get her own van or take a
road trip on her own terms. Maybe she will rethink what she believes to be
important, comforting, or limiting.

Maybe we as so-called pick-up-artists can influence people in ways we never
dreamed or imagined possible. Maybe we should seek and offer more than sex,
validation, or any egoic gain. Maybe we can help women taste inner freedom,
joy and peace. Just a glimpse, you know? This is an artform, right? Maybe I
am getting ahead of myself.

For now, I know that I need to be more conscious of the frames I set, the value
I display, and the direction I take my interactions. To be aware of effects
and emotions (among other intangibles). I need to write down and solidify
these themes, attitudes, and dreams. To use them and live them thoughtfully
and deliberately.

I read that pleasure is derived from external things, while joy arises from
within. How many of our journeys are seeking
pleasure-fulfillment-recognition-validation-security? And how many of us are
actually seeking and discovering our own personal joy and love and inner
stillness? What do you give your energy to?

The present moment is all we ever have. GoneSavage

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