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Weak mind

mASF post by n3rv1

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Weak mind
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mASF post by "n3rv1"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

For the most part I agree 100%. As far as a strong mind being the central
"fulcrum" of just about everything we do in life, you are absolutely right.
Like it or not, strength is a masculine attribute, and the stronger and more
willful you are, the better you will be as a whole person.

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On 7/28/05 11:00:00 AM, jettiger wrote:
>If your mind is weak, not
>matter what workshops you
>attend or what you read - you
>will NEVER get really good at
>To get good you must first
>make your mind stronger. Teach
>yourself discipline and
>self-control. The lazy ones
>and the ones who are more
>dependent on surrounding
>people will find it very hard
>to improve. But when you
>believe in yourself and when
>you fucking decide that you
>want to achieve something and
>promise that you will do
>ANYTHING that must be done to
>achieve it - and you hold your
>word, then you can improve in
>any field of life.
>The time you spend watching TV
>or sarging or reading about
>sarge can be used so that
>later after you improve
>yourself (body and mind) and
>learn new things (psychology
>and so on), then during sarges
>you can do much less effort
>and get better results.
>Remember - who have weak mind
>will always be a loser... This
>means don't let mistakes or
>failures scare you away from
>your goals in life and don't
>let women be center of your
>life. The time we devote to
>sarging can be used to learn
>few languages, learn NLP or
>so... think about it.
>If you make your mind stronger
>- you automatically will
>become stronger...

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