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Your Thought Process

mASF post by Flin

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Your Thought Process
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mASF post by "Flin"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Hey thanks guys.
The advice on taking them to my room anyways sounds very good. It's friendly,
and gives me a good chance if I decide I want to fuck her.
I'll do that.

Also Vamsi:
I don't make friends with annoying people. Just for her hot friends and video's
I'm not gonna like her. I don't know how you can feel good about yourself doing
that, but I guess there might be more about it that YOU take into
consideration. And I'm curious what that is...
But I might just make an acquaintance of her. One of those girls who I see
often and I'm friendy with, but also fending off her blatant/stupid moves at
me, and getting free vids. Girls can be really blind, I noticed with others who
did the same. But I'm flattered by them anyways... ;) Plus, I don't care, since
I don't consider them friends.

Thanks for your reply.
I think it's smart to stop thinking, and follow your dick/intuition/made up
self image, I think it's smart to follow your gut feelings, and be able to BACK
IT UP with rational thought.
I think the community has done a tremendous amount of effective rationalizing,
and I'm using that to my advantage, all the while trying to stay with my gut
I think following this is the true key to CONGRUENCY (and maybe irrelevant but
true: happiness), which off course leads to MUCH more powerful sarges. Really
feeling it instead of just being rational about it.


btw. TYLER, I'll see you in Amsterdam. I don't think I have a number of you
that works (got 2 of them off Jesper, called today), but I might see you during
the week, if you're not staying at my place that is... I offered up my room to
host 2 of you guys until next satuday.

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