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Late Night in LA Suburbs - long

mASF post by killuminare

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Late Night in LA Suburbs - long
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mASF post by "killuminare"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Hey wassup, I just want to start off by saying I'm a rAFC and this is one of
the first times I really went out sarging while trying to implement shit I've
learnt from here. I'm still buzzin a lil so I hope this rambling isn't to
incohrent but here I go.

See I just came out of a LTR and that really fucked up my gaming. See my old
AFC ways taught be to be nice and supplicate and my LTR just further engraved
this belief towards women into me(the whole nice guy but always LJBF type
thing). After the LTR fell through (a bunch of drama like always) I quickly
learnt this is not the right way to pick up on women from hear, you guys, mASF.
So I've been trying some shit I've learnt from here and this is my field

So I head over to this party at like 1:30AM in West Co., by LA Cali. Its a
friend of a friend's type of thing, and my friends were there and they told me
to come on down because there's some chicks to sarge up.

See I'm not 21 yet (19) and I don't always like going to the 18+ clubs, so cool
party's are a pretty chill venue for a sat. night of sarging. I just came back
from an awesome trip in Mexico, and I got a really good vibe going on so I'm

When I get to the party I peacock a lil with some cool sunglasses and my sick
"Los Angeles" hat at like 1:30 AM in a backyard party, so it really helps me
stand out and be unique, not just like all the other AFCs.

I start as soon as I get out of my car I meet up with some homies, 2 friends
who are pretty good wings but aren't really mASFers. I then open up a mixed set
of 3, 1 girl 2 guys just to warm up a lil. One guy is pretty fucken drunk and
he automatically starts shit testing me so he's all like

"Whats with the sunglasses at night homie?"

I respond and try to reframe that topic by going

"Looks like your havin a great time am I right?"

This throws him off gaurd and he has to admit he is. So I then respond with a
me too so lets keep it up, I slap hands with him and boom, AMOGed, a nice lil
wamr up, they end up being cool people.

See this was still walking up to the party cuz I feel so good cuz of my vibe
from Mexico, I'm going balls out with the 3 sec rule and as soon as I hit the
dance floor there is this cute 2 set.

HB8.5 and HB7.5 I jump on the HB7.5 (HBa) and my homie, one of my wings jumps
on the HB8.5 (HBb). I start off strong by first asking her if she's having a
good time and whats up, nothing to advanced, but I've got a really confident
vibe going on and its letting me just ride on through.

She responded with a "No not really, its kinda boring." and I just said
alright, I went up to her reached with one hand to her waist and the other to
her hand and said

"How abouutttttt now?" While I was spinning her. I know it doesn't always work
but this chick really seemed like she needed to be swept off her feet a lil, so
I went for it.

She digged it, massive IOIs: a lil smile, and instant responsive BL and I think
some BT increase, I don't know how to tell this too much yet.

I don't know exactly what it was, but I think it was mainly due to my vibe and
the confidence with the 3 sec rule.

We started dancing and I'm doing some nice kino, lower back, side of hips type
stuff, and she's diggin it. But then she has to bail out and the party was
fizzing out too. I tried to isolate late her a lil, but her frriend HBb is not
really having it. I thought I had pretty good report with her but then the HBb
starts having drama with some guy there and HBa is trying to help her out so I
kinda got pushed aside, whatevers.

I opened this other set that was also hanging out and they were cool with the
drunk guy from the beginning. We chatted it up a lil, but I was really
interested in closing or atleast making the ho say no on HBa.

I just felt like I was the life of the party and it happened. Even though I got
there late, I was talking to everybody kinda making it a more enjoyable and
friendly enviro.

So while dancing and kinoing HBa, I told her that she was my best friend
because she went to Cal State Hombolt, place for bomb herbs. More vibing
between us, and I asked her again if she was having a good time, she said
better, and I gave her another twist, and taht made her really smile.

But again this was all before the HBb cockblocking, and then starting this
bullshit drama. There weren't too many other avail. chicks and I didn't want to
waste any report already built so I went back, and was all like:

So I said by and gave her a kiss on her cheek, something I'm trying to do in
all sarges.

"Hey best friend, me and my friends are going to X come with your friends and
we'll have fun." She seemed receptive, but also worried about the bullshit
drama with HBb. So I said by and gave her a kiss on her cheek, something I'm
trying to do in all sarges. So I turned around then turned back (I know stupid
and confusing BL) and then tried to # close, she said ya and was enthused but I
felt it was a fake number so I tried to call her on it:"

kill:"So let me get that number so we can meet up later"
HBa:"Ya uhh here it is bla bla bla"
kill: (put it in my phone, turns, then comes back and asks)"Hey you know what I
accidently erased it what was it again?"

She seemed like OK, whatevers, and gave me the exact # again, so I felt pretty
confident it was real.

Later I find it wasn't, which really pissed me off but oh well. I continue with
the vibe at a 24 taco place thats always crakin late night, but don't get much
more past fluff talk, which I'm trying to work on more.

What I'm asking about is what happened with HBa.

I thought I had her then stupid HBb diverted the attention back to her and thus
cockblocking me. I thought I was reading really strong IOIs, more than 3, but
still got the wrong number, I don't know whats up.

Good things (I think):

1) Good Strong Vibe (Alpha)
2) Small warm ups (do more consistently)
3) 3 sec rule and strong approaching
4) Good fluff talk

Bad things

1) Misreading IOIs ?!?
2) Not building sufficient report
3) Started too late 1:30AM (because of Mexico trip)
4) Not making ho say no
5) After drama with BHb I didn't show correct BL

Please critique, any feedback would be beneficial. My main problem seems to be
taking an approach and building enough attraction to have an easy (possible)


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