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Lay Report: Wednesday Early Hours FUN in London West End..

mASF post by SmoothGuy69

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Lay Report: Wednesday Early Hours FUN in London West End..
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mASF post by "SmoothGuy69"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

UPDATE: 940am..

I realise that I have an addiction to women and sarging. It's the ultimate
game. Spontaneous, always different. Zelda is nothing compared to this. The
sex is just a bonus. The flow is my drug. An obsession. Does anyone else
have this? They come before money, health and everything for me. Later. Jeez
I am going to try to sleep a few hrs. London is SWINGING! COME TO LONDON. A

SmoothDate: 1:09am Wednesday 13th July 2005
Location: London's West End
Sarge Type: Street

Came busting out of Embankment Station when I saw two punky looking girls out
of the corner of my peepers. This sucks. I found a book on the tube. Started
reading it. It was like old school 60s comedy novel about a clergyman and his
son. The clergyman was full of witty negs about his congregation. I mean
these negs were golden. Like "She was so mad that she would have been jealous
of her two shins". I was going to post some of these in techs, I am trying to
track that book down. J R Hartley anyone? Ring Ring!

Saw the IOIs.. looks, I took my time here to test something. I backed up.
Waited a while. Then rolled in. It really doesn't matter guys, 3 second
rule.. I mean I stared right at a 2 set in Glasgow Botanic Gardens for 10 mins
and still opened them easily with confident as fuck body language and tonality,
and you can open with anything. Just assume complete compliance and they will
feel like idiot if they do anything but talk in a "I want to suck your penis"
type frame.

I backed up and hit these girls up, negged them out about something or other.
I think their hair. While doing this I sat down next to them.

I did some smoothmethod routines that have come out of natural spontaneous
sarges with Digicam over repeated times in field. 1. People Watching,
transitioned to Social, Body Language, Crazy Tales Of Growing Up, My Fuckbuddy
Friends, Women and Men, Girls Emotions, Cool Guys Emotionally Aware, Most Men
Are Nerds, Spot The Idiot game in London and various other things. Then drew
attention to the way I sat next to them and started talking. Did a lot of
cocky funny about Starbucks and growing up during the 80s. Lots of vibing,
great attraction. Very female mind type rapport game which always works
wonders. I just go on and on and on, I am in flow and enjoying it, I love
girls, I almost turn into one of them, which is ambiguous for them especially
if I am not showing obvious attraction myself.

Did a venue change to get chocolate at Tesco's. On the way I said to
HBLibrary.. I have a great ass, go on.. feel it. She felt it and then said,
"Very nice, but I didn't get a good enough grope of it, I might have to grope
it a bit more thoroughly some other time".

*wink* ;)

No tonguedowns, started kino a while back during rapport, saw her do what I
call the Smoothmethod *gulp*, which is an IOI test, I pad her shoulder while
talking and if she swallows I know it's on - IE I will be able to fuck her
whenever I want.

Leave them at bus stop..

One really nice thing..

"You girls seem to be really close, like siamese twins, joined at the hip. Are
you like that?"

"Yes, we're getting a lot more like that lately".

"That's good cuz we're all going to have to hang out, and do some fun cultured
stuff. Of course, if we end up going crazy and sexual on each other, it's only
to be expected, I mean we get along SO well".

Big IOI.. they act as cool and everyday about it as I do.

I step off and go towards Piccadilly Circus, the trumpet guy is playing to Jazz
backing tracks, he's getting better! I drop him some money love and hit the
crowds, joked with a smartly dressed 5 set of black guys outside a VIP club
just for fun. We all had a good laugh and then I phone closed a girl I closed
before at the bus stop around 3am.

343am: Opened a girl and dissed the crowd for smoking Cigars, she said that
the guys were given Cigs and the girls stole them off them, stupid since girls
can't smoke Cigs properly. I agree and bust them and her for smoking in the
first place. She loves this and invites me to Bar Italia.
SmoothDate: 4:09am Wednesday 13th July 2005
Location: London's West End
Sarge Type: Still Street

Warm night air, crowd around me, start vibing with 5 set of Swedish Artists,
vibe carries on as we bundle into minivan taxi, I just get in assuming party
vibe. 2 guys 3 girls. End up at theirs, real nice art etc, somewhere
Kensington, I don't even pay attention to where. DVDs that this saddo is
showing *yawn @ James Bond* they wander off and throw me a duvet, I thought he
was going to kick me out. A blonde comes in and sits next to me and we watch
DVD. She like puts her head on my lap and I stroke her head protectively.
Nothing needing to be said, we start stroking, touching and it's on, she's
horny. We strip down and fuckbuddy each other into sexual oblivion. Very
straightforward sex. We have a good time, morning comes, I say "I am busy,
have things to do, I have to leave", and do just that.

"Shaken, not stirred".

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