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Supplication and Flexibility

mASF post by beerbonghangover

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Supplication and Flexibility
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mASF post by "beerbonghangover"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

When in sarges I frequently find I have to *supplicate* to progress the
interaction. Now by saying this I probably just pissed off about 1/2 of the
guys in here so let me explain where I'm coming from and then decide if I'm
totally off. Maybe it's a misunderstanding of what supplication really is but I
bet newbies get this misunderstanding from reading ASF.

LOTS of examples really.

For example, dealing with shyer women. Let's say you have had seemingly
indifferent results with her most of the night but maybe at least a couple
IOI's. She gets taken away by a group of girls or guys. What do you? You don't
just sit there - she will not come back. So YOU HAVE TO "CHASE" her and go up
and reopen. Is this not supplication? In my mind it feels like supplication (I
had to follow her and reopen her which I shouldn't have to do if I'm the
shit!!). But IRL speaks volumes and I got the lay just fine.

Girls leave to a different bar. Girl you are gaming doesn't have a choice and
has to go with her friends. Is following supplication? If I follow (shortly
after usually) isn't this supplication? However, not following you are doomed
not to see them again. When I have followed (usually shortly after) I sometimes
can just pick up where I left off.

You walk up to a set, happen to pick the *bitchy* one and she tries to blow you
out (why are you here, do we know you, etc..). What can you do??? If you clown
on her her friends will hate you (they don't know you from blue). Apologizing
to her is worthless, she'll still be bitchy...What I have been doing is saying
to one of the friends, "listen, I just came over here since you guys looked
like fun...but your friend totally gave me a hard time...". I might even
apologize if I came off the wrong way. If I say this right I'll usually get the
story of why she's being such a bitch and it will allow me to stay in set
longer and open her friends.

My buddy buys drinks since he says it's just the foot in the door effect. He
doesn't have to kiss their ass all night just because he bought them a drink.
But for that one moment he was definitely supplicating.

IOW, there's a certain flexibility you need to have in the field. You can't
just stand back and act like you're the shit. I do have to put effort in and
actually *chase* these girls just a little bit. If I was sitting back worried
about never supplicating it would fuck me up. It's that give and take that's
going to lead somewhere.


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