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Field Report-CliffSeminarSarge 4wayOrgyFU meet GoneSavage

mASF post by Papi_Chulo

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Field Report-CliffSeminarSarge 4wayOrgyFU meet GoneSavage
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mASF post by "Papi_Chulo"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Hehe, Sorry GoneSavage, I am an attention slut, I can't help it but to cash in
on your publicity.(Disclaimer: I strictly talking about Mahself, No disrespect
meant for fellow PUA who posts outing with GoneSavage)

CliffsList Seminar was definitely worth the time, money and effort, but that's
another topic, on with the story. Following is the story of 1st night.

I warmed up by doing couple of direct approaches at the train station by
Marriot hotel where we had dinner. All those approach had been initiate by
comment from my fellow attendees how hot a particular girl is. I notice that
when I am with wings, I become absolutely fearless. I must be an exhibitionist,
a show off. KICK ASS! The girls are not particularly hot upon closer
inspection, but all interaction
ends well.

One particular girl actually said "no" when I finish my favorite Shark line "I
like to get to Know you". That's a first! She said "I do need to know where the
bathroom is" So I beckon her to follow me to the inside of the restaurant. I
just love the facial expression of the guys with whom I had been sitting
earlier when they saw me approach the girl and she comes back with me within
minute of interaction. I had to dispel their romantic ideas fairly quickly. I
maybe an exhibitionist but I don't want to be an illusionist.

After resting, we head out to the party with models that Cliff had promised. I
had not known what to expect when this huge cockfarm of PUA and PUA wannabes is
letting loose on some mouthwatering models, but it definitely promise to be

It turned out to be a interesting scene, though not in the way I anticipated.
There was a martial arts demo in one
corner. I took the advantage to tell everyone there that those are my best
students, half of them actually believe me. My Asian bros, take notes, you
should at least try once to shamelessly exploit your heritage for purpose of
picking up chicks. IT ROCKS!

There was a model shoot and a hip hop demo with projection of old Kung Fu movie
on the wall. The patrons were the arty and creative type. But the community
definitely took over the room, ie it was a cock farm extraordinaire. In fact,
couple of times I had to pull back at the last moment because I realized my
target set were some guru's girlfriends. So I had to hold back my gun-blazing
approach a little. Overall, it was a great place to do day2 with a girl because
there was lot of interesting shit going on but not ideal for pickup.

I press on, serveral time sarging girlfriends of non-community guys right in
front of them. The girls gave me way more attention than their boyfriends who
were left standing on the side. For those of you Asian bros who are into
non-Asian women, I noticed there quite a few AM-WF couples. In fact, I
accidentally sarged all of them. After I realized my target's boyfriend is
really that Asian dude that was moping on the side though, I couldn't bring
myself to continue. Yeah, I am a softie, but I believe my fellow Asian bro need
to get laid more, afterall there are plenty
of other fishes in the sea.

They start to play reggaeton, I really enjoy the beat so I started to to dance.
Grab a girl who is already dancing and started to spin her around. Then I
started to dance really
seductive with her,tracing the side of her face and hair really close but
without actually touching. When she is enjoying it, intense eye contact. She
just moved closer and closer to me. Next thing I know, I am sucking face on the
dance floor. Wooohooo, that's first for me. I know it's not
solid game, and she is not that cute but it's one mile stone done,more to come.

Saw Will Hicks dancing with a group of women, join in, dance with this older
brunnette. Then realize she is Patty's friend. I didn't gave much thought to
her then but she turns out to be super sexy looking during the daytime.
Later,She would give me mad IOI throughout the Seminar. AWESOME!

Went direct on my target, my 10, she is a sweet looking blonde wearing
flower-print dress. It turns out she is a model and 17 yr old. we were just
start to have a conversation when the photographer dragged her away for her

Most of the gurus are standing around discussing the game with their admirers.
I only saw Camerone AKA the one, Lance aka Sensei and Mystery done actual
approach the whole time. I saw Mystery took over the 2 party chick set opened
by Fabio. But later people told me it's because Fabio was losing the set. That
explains why Fabio were more than a bit defensive next day when I congratulate
him on his approach.

My posses decides to roll out of the club and seek greener pastures. We opened
couple more sets on the street. One thing really impressed me about couple of
these guys is that they are fearless in approaching. Cole from San Diego and Lu
from Oklahoma falls into this category. Even if their technique still need
improving they are already a head and shoulder above 80% of the guys I know in
the community who wouldn't even budge from their postion to do approaches even
if I light a firecracker under their asses(I am not talking about you, Tony,
HeHE, I am evil, I know).

Cole opened this 2 set that just cross the street, so fast that I was still
contemplating my approach. Props bro! Then 8 guys suddenly out of nowhere cross
the street and swarmed around him (I am have a strange feeling that they are
with the 2 girls). Holy Shit, this is gonna be fun! I went in and put my elbows
on Cole and one of those guys and casually engaged the guys while Cole
continue his magic with the chicks. MAh MAN! I can see that he is getting more
attraction now. There was a little more tension in the air, as I see one guy
eyecode the dude whose shoulder I am leaning on. I just continued to shoot the
shit like it's all cool sand we are all friends. The other 3 dudes in our group
join in. The leader of the group actually engaged me in a
conversation about karate and shit. I high five him. The group back off a
little bit, tension dissipates. We let them continue on their quest and part
ways, not before teasing the chicks some more. Another happy ending.

Piled into Lolyd's pussywagon. When seated, I noticed new dude in our midst. I
thought it was the dude from New York that I met earlier. He is not. He only
identified himself by his first name. Cool. Went to the new street Lolyd took
us to.We couldn't get in the club. I opened a 4 set with Style's Dental Floss
opener. The group opened up like an overripenned watermelon. I twirled the
alpha brunette and danced with her on the street a little. They are 4 English
Canadian girls on vacation from the boondocks of Toranto.

Lolyd came in, started to run attraction material of his own. He took over the
set. No Prob, I sidestep to the cutest strawberry Blonde in the corner. Made
fun of the way she look at me. Taught her LA handshake, segued into thumb
wresting... it's on. Then her friends start to leave. She
leaves with them (as shown by later events, she is clearly not alpha of the
group). I am like, okay NEXT.

Wait, then I saw Lolyd was walking side by side in the front with two leader of
the group. My MAN! I took off after them, the rest of the posse followed suit.
After some rearrangement, the group start to pair up. Lolyd was with one
darkbrunette (she is leader, I think), new guy roll with another cuter brunette
(She is a Lt leader, I think),
Tony paired up with the only Asian girl and I am rolling with the cute blonde,
Yeesh. Unfortunately LU was the odd man out. Though he did make an effort to
get in. Lu is valiant in his effort, but it came across little aggressive.

Not used to the situation, I keep on spitting game at my Blonde. I definitely
overgame her, it also came across as trying too hard. She get weirded out
little bit and starts to seek company of her friends. The new guy is really
impressive. He is chilled and laid back. Two leaders of the group start to game
him! Lolyd kept his playful frame and hits off with the blonde. I switch into
the Observation mode. I mention to LU to take it easy and watch the new guy run
his magic, cuz I believe he has the best game out of the group. We started to
walk toward our van even though the girls are not aware of it. We tried to get
in the club again, but no luck, bouncer says the girls are too young (under

The Blonde wanted to keep hitting clubs and bars, but the two brunnette was
clearly into the new guy and Lolyd and want to hang with us. One interesting
exchange took place

Blonde: I want to hit more clubs
2Brunnette: Remember what happened earlier, do you want to be groped all over
We should hit some decent bars where the guys are like (acting out extending
the hand) respectful
Blonde: But the end result is the same(!)
2Brunnette: Yeah, but at least you get to know the guy's name

(Papi Chulo is listening and trying really hard not to crack up)

Lolyd seem not really into prolong the night and want to go home....Then
decision was made to head back to their hotel and we are coming along (Yeeesh!)

The new guy went to their taxi as a guarantee, they really like him anyway. We
took Lolyd's wagon. Lu left by himself. Now it became more balanced 4 on 4,
baby! Common bring on the orgy! If my cock could sing, it would have been a
sweet melody.

We re-calibrate the situation, Lolyd likes the blonde. Tony is in with the
Asian chick, the new guy is very in with his cute brunette which leaves the
rounder brunnette one of the
group leader who seems to be out for a fuck and I gladly volutuneer my service
to jump on this cuddly, soft grenade. I was in with her earlier and I know I
can get the job done!

Fast foward to their room. Hmmmm... Interesting two beds. How are we gonna
position ourselves. I stood back and took notes of what New Guy and Lolyd is
doing cuz they seem to
know their stuff.

New guy sat on a chair in one corner of the room. Lolyd leaned on the AC. I
join them against the windows. Tony took one corner of a bed. Blonde and Asian
girl get into one bed. Cute Brunnette sat behind New guy and put her arms
around him. Damn he is good!

Then Lolyd did a really money manuever, he went to the other bed and poped
himself in the middle of the Blonde and Asian. Go Lolyd!

The rounder brunette(my target lays herself down in other bed in her shorts and
spaghetti straps) I lay down next to her. Then she feels a little crowded in by
Me on one side and Tony on the other side. She sat up. I move off the bed,
fitting between the bed and AC. She lays down again.

New guy lays himself on the bed with his head on the rounder Brunnette's legs
or was it between? while pulls on the foot of his target. Then he throw out a
qualifer "I hope you
washed your feet" She took the bait. New guy pulls her to the bed.

Meanwhile, I started to kino the rounder Brunnette, touch her lightly on the
arm...moving slowly and gently ... toward her shoulder...Massaged her hands...
and very gently moved her hair around a little bit. She is enjoying it.

Meanwhile, Lolyd is super playful on his side with the Blonde, he got major

I mention to Tony to move off our bed and move to the other bed where his Asian
girl is at. Because our bed is really crowed now and he is not doing anything.
The dude freeze and
wouldn't budge from his position. Later he went the restroom. I took the
opportunity to move my brunnette to occupy his space and moved in closer to her
to do more kino.

Now this side of the room is becoming a petting zoo with me and New guy going
at it with our girls. Lolyd is doing some playful playing with the Blonde. The
Asian girl is kind of left out, cuz Tony wouldn't sat his ass on her lap.

When Tony came back from the restroom, he announced that he is leaving for the
night and aske the ASian girl if she wants to come along. Talk about social
pressure on the my Asian sista. I offer to give them an excuse to head off to
ride off to the sunset.

ME:"Yeah, you should check out his wicked guitar, man. Never seen such thing in
my life!"
All the girls are like (turning to Tony)"Wow, you play guitar?"
Tony cracked and confess he has no guitar
(Note to self, Bitch slap Tony couple times when I head down to Memphis, and
force him to do 100 sets with Chris Rock's wanna a dick? opener)

Now my white lie has been exposed and Tony leaves. Later Asian girl goes to the
restroom for a little bit. Then All the girls are like "Did she leave with
him?, did she leave with uncle BOB?" I am like yeah, She left with him (I was
praying she did). But she return from the bathroom

Now the balance has been broken. It's a shame, cuz our fearless LU would have
been all over the Asian girl like white on rice (no Lu is not a white boy, my
jokes are better than that!)

We realize that we have get up for seminar in 3.5 hrs. We decide to leave the
girls, of course not before I showed them my FUCK belt buckle.

One more suprise of the evening, the new guy turn out to be none other than
GoneSavge the Continental drifter and sampler of North American women. He is so
good with his game, after reveal himself (not that way, you perv!), he promptly
room closed me. I wanted more comfort and trust, so I switch to a room with two
beds for the waiting trial period.

Wait! Scratch that. I am so good that I promptly room closed GoneSavage. What
happened in our room? Well, Gentleman don't kiss and tell. J/K!

Lesson learned:

Chill out when your wings already had attraction of the alpha girls. Be Cool
and natural coupling will occur.
I think GoneSavage actually pointed that out to me. Props, Bro

PU FengShui is important! Watch where you position yourself with regards to

It goes without saying Logistics super important!

Our adventures in next two nights turn out to be far better. Stay tuned....


PS GoneSavage, I didn't really pay close attention to your game the first night
except noticing how natural it was. I know how you feel about women you are
with. But I do think if you can fill in bits and pieces (sharing the technique
you used etc) would benefit whole lot of the guys out there who had been
reading and following your journey.

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