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What's New on Fast Seduction 101 - mASF Post - “Social Proof Theory with Screening”

Post by MrSex4uNYC, December 19, 1999

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Original discussion thread:

I found it personally wasteful and useless to spend time with girls that were not sexing me. I STILL DO! :)


NOW that I am screening chicks for MLTR, I am determining VERY QUICKLY when a girl is UNACCEPTABLE :) the effect is that they change status. If they have a hot body and seem to have skills to boot... I am going for the ONS, right then and there. If they DO NOT have the body OR they aren't sexy enough (though they look good) I immediately sarge them for PIVOT status.

the only way this works for ME is by having this strict division between sexy enough and NOT SEXY ENOUGH. I was not LJBFing the chicks HARD ENOUGH because I was only doing that as a PLOY to get them to come around. I was still in a semi-dating mindset with them because I had no STANDARDS besides their T&A that would make me TRULY LJBF them... now I do. :)

I went to a party last night that one of my former PIVOTS invited me to. NORMALLY in that setting, I would have POSED... determined the chicks that I wanted in order of looks/sexiness/availability/drunkenness/whatever and then I would have made my way down the line. I would have isolated each one in order and seen if they were interested in sex in general and ME in particular :) THIS TIME, I surveyed the entire scene. I immediately determined that there were ZERO chicks in this party that I was DYING TO FUCK. I immediately went into PIVOT MODE and started chatting. I greeted and passed up a two-set and dove into a three-set. I just walked into their little triangle and made it a square. I stood there smiling until one of them smiled at me. MEANWHILE, my PIVOT had made her way over and INTRODUCED me into the three-set while I was already standing there... INSTANT CREDIBILITY/ACCEPTANCE. She introduced me to several other chicks, but I REFUSED to relinquish my real estate in the three-set so I waved if they were too far away to lean over and shake hands. I turned back around to the three-set (6.5, 7, 8.2) My target was the 8.2 the 7 was diagonal from me and happened not to be involved in the current conversation, so I started asking her the basic line of cocktail-party questions... looking for a good tangent. AS SOON as there was a lull in her explanation of who she is and what she does, I turned to the 8.2 and asked her the same set of questions. when she finished, I asked the 6.5. then they asked me and I spoke BRIEFLY about myself, then the conversation took random directions. I was FINE with this because I was standing next to IMO the prettiest girl in the room AND I was under NO PRESSURE because they had ALL been deemed PIVOTS as soon as I scanned the room. I chatted them up, then my wing wandered over and I introduced him (now that I had ULTIMATE CREDIBILITY having been introduced to these chicks by their girlfriend, I could pass that magic to my wing). he had been working other chicks in the room and came over to check out my action. I left him in the three-set and checked out other chicks. in all, I made another 5 PIVOTS in one setting, PLUS had a good time with the one that brought me plus another one that I had known from another get-together. now SEXUALLY, they're all useless. these are the type of chicks that have gone TOO LONG without a REAL FUCKING so they have fewer skills than todays 18-year old girls :/ it's really PATHETIC what YEARS of neglect can do to a woman's sexuality. what they ARE good for is inviting ME to more parties like this one.

I can deal with pivots on this level. women that I have determined do not make my standards for MLTR and that are not sexy enough to ONS. if I go for the ONS and don't get it, I will NOT place the chick in that semi-LJBF thing I was doing before. It's full court press on her for the pussy... HOWEVER, she has the same status as the rest of the chicks. HARDCORE PIVOT. call me for ANY group events where I can meet more chicks. SOLO EVENTS ARE O-U-T! NO movies, NO solo dinners... NOTHING where they are not providing me access to more chicks because THAT is her job as my PIVOT. that's the price she pays for remaining in my presence.

Just by sheer numbers, the more HARDCORE PIVOTS I make, the more parties I am invited to and my NETWORK OF PIVOTS grows. It was a totally different feeling last night DELIBERATELY MAKING PIVOTS instead of turning chicks that DIDN'T WORK OUT into LJBF. BASICALLY, I LJBFed them BEFORE THEY EVEN HAD A CHANCE! I approached them as a FRIEND and remained in that mode except for some flirting just to test them out. I also steered the conversatoins into some RAUNCHY topics, but none of the chicks got really interested in the topics... they were discussing them like politics or any other issue HAHAHAHA!

it's PATHETIC what years of misuse will do to a woman's sexuality

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