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What's New on Fast Seduction 101 - Having Total Control From The Very Beginning

mASF post by Formhandle, November 21, 2002

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Formhandle is the webmaster of Fast Seduction 101, the largest, highest-trafficked, and most popular pick-up and seduction site on the web.

In this article, Formhandle responds to comments from Dreem, in regards to the topic of approaching.  Acronyms used in this article can be looked up on the acronyms page.  To get involved in discussions like this, you can join the mASF discussion forum at

Dreem wrote:

>> EC from the chick at
>> least a few seconds before
>> approaching, the second or
>> two before is best, your "Hi"
>> or whatever else you want to
>> open with will come
>> across 10x better.
>This is very true.  Another
>thing I do, mostly in
>superstores, is to let her
>know I'm 'checking' and then
>see how she responds before I

Yes, I do the same thing these days as well.  I guess it could be called "remote Gunwitch, pre-approach".  For example, in a bookstore I was blatantly checking out a hot/classy-dressed Chinese chick by herself while she was looking at books in the law section.  I was in a bookstore, yet not buying books or even browsing.  I was just leaning up against a small table at the end of the aisle BLATANTLY checking her out for 2-3 minutes while she browsed books before I approached.  I felt like a panther ready to pounce.  She didn't shy away or move to a different aisle, so I walked up to her and STILL waited a brief second for her to reciprocate EC and I said, "Hi, You look intent on finding a certain book."  Her: (smiling) "blah blah".  My response (roughly) was, "You know, I couldn't help noticing how intently you've been looking for something in particular.  I also was noticing that you have a very attractive figure (looking at her from top to bottom)... actually, I couldn't take my eyes off you."  She took the complement well.  I chatted with her for 2-3 minutes (fluff), then took her to the coffee area in the bookstore, initiated kino while at a small table (Maniac style), then extracted her from the bookstore to grab Sushi and progress towards a same-day close.  For the record, I didn't actually close her the same day, but the newbs should pay attention to the progression and how this played out in the context of my having total control from the very beginning by gauging interest non-verbally and setting up a pre-condition of acceptance and a platform for her to initiate her own AI (or IOIs, whatever).  I call this pre-conditioning pAImAI (pre-AI male AI)... I'll be getting more into it while I write that e-book I keep talking about.

Anyway, some newbies might be saying "But wait, you COULD have gotten the same result if you still approached quickly with a "Hi" regardless of getting EC from her first, following the 3s rule, etc, etc.  Sure, and I could win the lottery today as well.  And here's the thing I left out of the above situation: I was hanging out with a couple of wings that day and one of them approached her using that no-EC method - 3s, fast "Hi", and crashed even before the fluff stage.  She wasn't there to be chatted up, she was there to be picked up.  Or not.  But that's the frame I used.  Both of us had approached her solo while the other guy wasn't around (both utilizing lone wolf context) and the other guy is better looking than me.  So, I would say this is a very scientific example of why one method is superior to another, even though the weaker method might work sometimes and the superior method might fail sometimes.

>some occasions a chick will
>not give EC back but she can
>sense that you are
>looking at her.

Right - one of my wings calls this "telegraphing [intent]."  Sometimes it's bad to telegraph intent - hovering, thinking nervously before approaching, etc.   But, if you telegraph in a CONFIDENT way, and she doesn't find a way to slip away from you somehow before the approach, it's like she's giving an IOI right there, effectively saying "approach me."  it established a base of total control for you because she's already accepted your presence, is receptive to being approached, and not likely to be "surprised" when an opening is initiated.

You guys out there reading this right now, PAY ATTENTION.  This is better than gold.

>So for
>example if you're on the same
>side of the store and
>you see her looking at
>something on the shelf,  you
>get a bit closer (but
>maintain a comfortable
>distance) then look toward her
>direction for a bit
>longer then usual and then
>look away.

Well, I wouldn't even care to look away.  I would just be careful not to make myself appear like I'm staring.  More like "gazing" in a selective way.   As if I am trying to make a decision of whether she deserves to be approached by me.

>On most occasion
>when you look away
>she'll then take a peek at
>you, if she lingers around
>that area then it's a
>good cue for you to approach.

If this works for you, I say stick with it.  You might be able to enhance it by having a wing hang back at a safe distance and somehow signal to you non-verbally that she did, in fact, check you out.  But I would say that's unnecessary because that's coming from a frame of need that you want her to check you out.  I would say who cares.  If you KNOW she realizes she's being checked out yet stays put, that's all you need to know to presume high interest on her end.  I was just listening to the first 2 CDs from the Double Your Dating audio course (review copy - will post a review soon) and was reminded of something important David said a few times at the LA seminar - (paraphrased) "Who cares what the chick's opinion of you is, you progress with what you want regardless."

>This checking thing can be
>very powerful.  I've noticed
>that on most
>occasions if a chick realises
>you're checking her out, she
>gets curious and
>begins to act strange, touch
>her hair, act nervous etc.

Yes.  AI.  That's why I call this pre-approach method pAImAI.   You are essentially a male using a female tactic.  A lot of men might do this naturally, but the difference is in the conscious control of what's going on, actually acting on the situation, paying attention for AIs and IOIs, capitalizing, and having full confidence to not care if she knows you're checking her out.

This is also the very frame which allows compliments to work VERY well versus trying to compliment a chick out of the blue.

Why does this work so well?  Because it is the accumulation of initial actions taken by what most women perceive as a REAL MAN.  It minimizes the importance of your looks, status, and other external factors, and creates a display of ultimate masculinity.  You are a selective man of action.

>the important
>thing is if she lingers
>around, then you must

Yes.  Shit, man.  We're on the same exact wavelength here!  Next time you're in Boston, dude, drop me a line & we'll sarge together - didn't get a chance to at the DyD seminar.

Newbies, pay attention!  Dreem & I are providing you with one of the most powerful initiating structures available.

>On some occasions
>after doing the checking thing
>without EC, I would walk away
>from that part
>of the store and notice that
>the chick would follow me to
>the next shelf.

AI.  This I've done as well.  And the chick is almost never conscious of her actions.  Chicks by themselves will do this 10x more often than when they're with friends.

>then walk to another part of
>the store, just to
>experiment... and guess
>what, a few seconds later she
>wanders into that area and
>stands right next
>to me pretending to be looking
>at something the shelf.

HAHA - they're so simple, aren't they? :-)

>communication at play here!
>So be careful with this
>'checking', or else you
>could get yourself a stalker!

Right - as I described above, it's a fine line between "staring/stalking" and "gazing selectively before approaching".  You MUST approach when the scenario indicates that she has ANY interest whatsoever.  Because if you wait too long, she may get impatient and walk away, or think that your gaze is too aggressive. Approaching the chick who got into that mindset will cause her to be fearful rather than interested.  Which is why you must capitalize quickly.  Even if she doesn't appear to show interest.  Better to find out than not.  But also better to understand the proper way to structure this type of approach - it takes some practice and a fuckload of confidence, but that will come over time...

jay <[email protected]>

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